Help Your Rear Survive
Here's a couple of tips you can use to ensure your newly built rearend has a long and happy life.

  • Save the original pinion shim and use it as a baseline when checking pinion depth for the new pinion gear. More than 99-percent of the time, it will set the new pinion at the proper depth.
  • Use Loctite sparingly.
  • Mark the differential bearing-caps and return them to their original locations.
  • Once a new rearend is installed, never roll the car-even one foot-without rearend lube.
  • If equipped with a Sure Grip, always used the proper additive.
  • If possible with a new differential, run the car with the rear wheels off the ground prior to driving for 5-10 minutes with no load.
  • When first driving with a new rearend, take it easy for the first 200 miles. No hole shots!

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