Hover cars, personal airplanes and self-cleaning houses! We were all promised these things in the new “Atomic Age” of the ’50s and early ’60s. Most of these great ideas didn’t materialize, but we did get the radar range. Enter MSD and the 21st Century. We all enjoy new cars. They start easily, run smoothly, are efficient, and in some cases make great power. Our old beloved Mopar muscle cars, while great fun to tinker on and drive on nice days, don’t hold a candle to the modern computer-controlled cars that roll off today’s assembly lines.

“I wish my old Mopar would run more like my new Mopar,” is something we often hear. Well, MSD has your answer. The Atomic EFI system is a stand-alone, retro-fitable EFI system that can transform your carbureted hot rod into a modern electronic fuel injected machine. The good folks at MSD have literally made a bolt-on, self-tuning system that is so easy to use there is no excuse not to convert your car to EFI.

It wasn’t that long ago, that if you wanted to convert your car to EFI, it was an expensive and daunting process. Often times you would have to manufacture your manifold and piece together an entire system of mechanical parts from other cars. Don’t even mention the programming necessary to make the system work. Creating and building fuel maps for EFI systems can take a lot of time and know-how, and each fuel map is different for each application. Recently, manufacturers have come out with kits and systems that have become progressively easier to use, enter MSD. The engineers there have made your life a lot easier.

The Atomic EFI system bolts in place on your 4150/4160 carburetor flange, and by literally installing four bolts, you have an EFI system. It has a side linkage similar to a Holley carburetor, so your existing throttle cable and kick-down linkage attaches easily. Unlike traditional EFI with its external fuel rails, in the Atomic system all your working EFI hardware is contained within the throttle body. That way, there is zero clutter around your engine. The throttle body itself has internal fuel rails, so with their returnless fuel system, you have one fuel line—just like your carburetor.

The fuel injectors on a normal EFI setup are positioned over each cylinder in the intake manifold. MSD uses 80 lb/hr injectors, which are pretty substantial. The injectors themselves have a stainless steel ball bearing and seat metering method for maximum internal sealing. The injectors are then sealed inside what would normally be the fuel bowl area of the throttle body casting. For even fuel distribution, the MSD throttle body is fitted with annular fuel rings like a carburetor, for superior fuel atomization of the incoming air charge. The result is better air/fuel atomization, as opposed to just spraying the fuel injectors into the plenum area. Another fantastic feature of the Atomic kit is that the ECU (electronic control unit) is not some bulky box that needs to be mounted somewhere with a big wiring harness that you have to hide. MSD incorporated the ECU neatly into the throttle body, i.e. no wiring harness, it’s neat and clean. Not only is the ECU in the throttle body, but all but two of the critical sensors are there as well. The TPS (throttle position sensor) is unlike TBS's used in the past. MSD came up with one that is an automatic and self-calibrating, non-contact sensor. This means you don’t have to configure the sensor when you set up the system, and being a non-contact design, it doesn’t wear out.