First Pass

Race tracks are usually not prepped very well (or at all) for Test and Tune sessions, so I decided to play it safe. Cars with throttle stops usually launch at full power for about 1⁄10 second, and then go release the throttle quickly for a programmed period of time. After this programmed time, the throttle stop will slowly go to full power. This slow, increase in throttle is done so as to not hit the tires too hard while down track. For the first pass, I decided I would run the entire pass while on the throttle stop. The car ran a 7.27 at 182 mph. Vibration caused a small oil leak from the oil pressure sensor, and the solenoid wire fell off the starter, but other than that, all looked good. Water temperature was 200 at the end of the pass, and oil pressure was good.

Second Pass

For the second pass I made no changes other than programming the throttle stop to release at 5 seconds. This would not affect the e.t. very much, but it should bump up the trap mph. This pass was a 7.20 at 189 mph. After looking at the logged data, it was confirmed that the tires were spinning almost everywhere on the track. Since I now had data that showed some wide open throttle, I was able to review the tune, and check the air fuel ratios. My target A/F ratio was about 5.0. Remember, we’re running on Methanol, where stoichiometric is about 6.4, so an A/F ratio of 5.0 is very safe for maximum power. The actual A/F ratio at wide open throttle was within 2-percent of the target, so the tune looked pretty good. Also there was less than a tablespoon of oil in the puke tank, so we have great ring seal.

I could definitely feel the car moving around when it went to full power, so I wasn’t in any hurry to test the limits of what the track would hold that day. The starter-motor wire falling off also kept me from finding out if I could drive the car back to the pits after a pass. I had to shut the engine down at the end of each pass to wrap up the chute, so I was towed back both times. We had to finally fix the starter wire for good!

Third Pass

The data showed that the transmission shifted at about 21⁄2 seconds into the pass, so it would be safe to go to wide open throttle at about 31⁄2 seconds. I didn’t want to go to wide open throttle while still in low gear, at least not until I got a little more seat time. The car ran a 7.13 at 192 mph, and the starter wire stayed this time. At the end of the pass, I shut the car off to pick up the parachute, and I fired it up and drove back to the pits. During the drive, the engine never got over 190 degrees. Time had run out for this test and tune session, but we were quite satisfied with the results. Computer extrapolations show e.t.’s in the mid 6-second range, on a prepped track and launching at full power, but that might put me over 200 mph. Backing off on the launch would net high 6 second e.t’s at just under 200 mph. Objectives achieved! mm

I also realized that the dragster might start doing wheel stands, so I’ll launch on the throttle stop during testing, until I feel comfortable.

Price tag
Part Manufacturer Part Number Approx Cost
Block World 088515-4500 $5,000
Heads Stage-V S-M2000H 4,200
Crankshaft Crower 95168 1,500
Rods Crower B93911B-8-UPG 1,600
Pistons Diamond Custom 1,600
Coated Main Bearings Fed Mogul 142M1 150
Coated Rod Bearings Calico/Clevite CB743HN 150
Cam Bearings Dura-Bond PDP-17T 50
Camshaft Comp 24-000-9 380
Cam Drive Keith Black 63107A + 1,000
Lifters Comp 829-16 470
Rocker Arms Stage-V IR-417N3/ER-cus 1,700
Rocker Shaft Supports Stage-V S-M2000ST 900
Rocker Shafts Dechellis Machine I45-HB/E45-HA 500
Pushrods Smith Brothers 8 NH314-CB 300
Adjuster studs and nuts Manton Stud# 823, Nut# 851 200
Oil Pump Titan 426 drag 800
Intermediate Shaft Milodon 21525 140
Oil Pump Internal Pickup Milodon 21330 130
Oil Pan Milodon 31160 375
Blower Mooneyham 10-71 2,500
Manifold INDY 426-BM 1,250
ECU FAST 30-1004 1,900
Harnesses FAST 30-1100/1200 600
Injectors Lucas 621061 880
XIM coil controller FAST 30-1311 600
Cam Sensor MSD 2346 80
Coils AEM 30-2853 640
Plug Wires MSD Custom 150
Plugs Champion N59YDR 40
Main Stud Kit ARP 145-5602 115
Rod Bolts Crower AMS5844 400
L19 Head Studs ARP Special 590
Valve Covers Keith Black 53097FHA-1 650
Water Pump Meziere WP337S 430
Crank Support Cradle RCD 202600-0004 800
Total $30,270

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