Jan Niceswanger ’65 Coronet

Jan Niceswanger of Newark, Ohio, brought this awesome looking ’65 Dodge Coronet to compete in the Outlaw class. His 572-inch Hemi is filled with an Eagle crankshaft and rods, Diamond pistons, and a Comp roller cam. The engine was built by Ken Lazzeri of Indy Cylinder Head, and is topped with ported Indy heads, and a dual-quad Mod-man intake manifold.

The remainder of this Coronet is race prepped, with a Strange 60 differential, TorqueFlite transmission, and ATI 8-inch torque converter. The car is lightened with a Sled City fiberglass front bumper and hood, and it’s all painted Viper red. Competing in B/NSS, Jan runs the 10.50 index with this Coronet, but it has the potential, and has, run much quicker. On the chassis dyno, Jan’s Coronet posted some impressive numbers, making 469 lb-ft of torque and 564 horsepower at the back tires.

Isaac Busby ’84 Ram

Isaac Busby’s ’84 Dodge wasn’t originally equipped with a Cummins diesel engine. Isaac had to convert the truck, which is no easy task given the number of modifications necessary to shoehorn a Cummins into a W-series truck. Other than the work it took to install the Cummins in his truck, Isaac modified his Ram with aftermarket off-road suspension components, and modified the Cummins with aftermarket parts as well. With intake, exhaust, and waste-gate modifications, this truck was poised to make big torque.

On the chassis dyno, Isaac’s Dodge belched a little black smoke, and spun the rollers to 258 horsepower, and a stump-pulling 603 lb-ft of torque. This is a cool truck, and we thank Isaac for entering it in the showdown.

We’d like to thank the sponsors and all of the competitors in our second annual AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Dyno Showdown. This contest is also a work in progress, so we’d like input from our readers as to any rules changes, additional classes, or coverage that they’d like to see in next year’s event. Remember, Mopar Muscle is your magazine, and the events we host and sponsor are your events, so be sure to let us know what you think.

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