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Indy Cylinder Head
Although Indy Cylinder Head is best known for its aftermarket Wedge designs, the folks there have been known to dabble in the Hemi market too. When Indy builds its version of the Hemi, you can rest assured that the carcass around the Hemi heart will command serious respect and demand the mindset of a maniac to pilot it. For Indy Cylinder Heads, it all started around 1970 when no one was offering quality aftermarket upgrades. So Ken Lazzari began to fill the void and offer his services. Now, 31 years later, if you have Indy Cylinder Heads design and build your Hemi, you can rest assured that a tested and dyno-proven fire-breather will arrive, ready to propel your quarter pounder to victory. From start to finish, every aspect of your motor will be Indy designed and built-a complete aftermarket monster. Employing anywhere from 15 to 20 guys, the CNC machinery is constantly producing parts to satisfy the consumer. So if a rogue elephant will fill the bill for you, Indy Cylinder Heads will be the place.

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