It all started because I was having a fuel problem. After driving the Valiant for any extended period of time, it would act like it was running out of fuel. When I was finally able to get the time to look at it, I found that the stock mechanical fuel pump was heat sinking (absorbing the heat from the engine), and vaporlocking.

There are a couple of different ways to remedy this situation. One would be to plumb a return line from the pump to the fuel tank, giving the pump a constant flow of circulated fuel. Since the fuel would be in continuous cycles from the tank to the pump and back to the tank, it would effectively help keep the fuel pump cooler. Another idea is to remove the pump from the engine. To do this requires installing an electric pump in the system.

An electric pump is designed to be more efficient if it is installed in a location as close to the tank as possible. The reason for this is to "push" the fuel to the carburetor, as opposed to being mounted near the engine and "pulling" the fuel from the tank. Knowing that the Valiant will be receiving a different engine in the future with a larger appetite for fuel, we decided to do more than simply install a pump near the tank and call it quits.