We've been hearing from the stock eliminator and bracket racers about the new radial slicks lowering e.t.'s and increasing mph. On the first run with the radial slicks, we saw an improvement with a 1.55 60-foot and an 11.01 e.t. at 122.57 mph. That's an impressive gain considering we lost the effective gear ratio going to the taller tires. The engine speed through the traps was 300 rpm lower at 6,000. A hot lap returned an 11.02 at 122.39 mph. Man, that's cooking with a pump-gas 440.

Slick Tips
oosier recommends running 4-5 psi more inflation pressure in the radials than for the setting on bias-ply slicks. Since there was 14 psi in the bias plys, 18 psi was put in the radials. All the slicks tested received an 8-second burnout before launch (it was in the low 50s all day). On days with warmer ambient air and track temps, a 4-6 second burnout is sufficient to warm the tires.

To extend the life of your slicks, proper storage includes an environment without ultraviolet light, electric motors, and a temperature change of no more than 30 degrees. The 5-year-old Hoosiers have lasted more than 150 runs of strip testing. Try to do the shortest burnout required that will allow the tire to hook, and you'll be surprised at how much longer the slicks last.

In nearly 10 years of strip testing and bracket racing, Hoosier slicks have provided us with consistent bite. The radial slicks and front-runners proved less rolling resistance will reduce friction, parasitic drag, and e.t's. Many racing Mopar owners enjoy the big difference that the right shocks make in the performance of their cars. QA1's easy-to-reach adjustment dial gives you the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. They assisted the R/T in becoming a better road and track machine.

Dragstrip Results

  • '67 R/T, 440 motor, 3.73 gears, 9 1/2-inch converter, 2-inch tti headers with 3-inch exhaust, test weight of 3,910 pounds
  • 2,000-rpm launch and 6,300-rpm upshifts
  • 6,300-trap rpm with 28-inch tires, and 6,000 rpm with 30-inch slicks
  • 52 degrees, 29.80 barometer, 45 percent humidity

Run No.Tuning60-FT1/4-MILEMPH
1.Baseline, new leaf springs1.6111.21120.83
2.Fresh 28x9 slicks1.6111.20120.70
3.Rear QA1's No. 3 setting1.5811.18120.80
4.No. 6 setting1.5611.16120.65
5.Front 90/10 QA1's No. 0 setting1.5611.16120.59
6.Hoosier front runners1.5611.06122.08
7.30x9 radial slicks1.5511.01122.59
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