I have an extensive background in engine calibration with different systems, and I can honestly say I have never been more impressed with a calibration tool than I was with the EMC Tuner. The vehicle tuning procedure was the simplest I have ever been involved with. The idea of using what is correct in the OE program, only altering what needs to be changed, restores the vehicle's drivability to stock while unleashing more horsepower. Likewise, torque gains are just as impressive.

When done, our Mopar idled perfectly, the throttle response was instant, and there were no traces of detonation present. In addition, the owner has recorded a gain of 1.6 mpg on the highway.

The EMC Tuner can be installed and calibrated by Ida Automotive or any one of its nationwide dealers in almost any EFI Chrysler product for approximately $1,000. This system is just what late-model Mopar performance enthusiasts have been waiting for!

Calling all Mopars
Some may be wondering why the EMC Tuner is able to unleash so much power on a stock Mopar, with even more gains possible if other modifications are done. Simply put, all factory calibrations are extremely conservative leaving a great amount of power untapped. Chrysler does this because they tune for the worst possible conditions. So your Mopar is actually running on a tune for someone who never changes the oil and air filter and uses the cheapest gas they can find. By doing this, warranty claims are lowered, and the stockholders and the Germans are happy. But if you take care of your Mopar, then you are suffering with less than stunning performance. For this reason, the EMC Tuner is the best value on the market for the power it returns.

Bob Ida and his dealers have used the EMC Tuner to produce great results with an array of other Mopars. His dyno rollers have seen Neons, Vipers, Ram trucks, and many 300Ms.

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