For years, Ma Mopar has had a reputation for being the biggest supplier of crate engines for Mopar enthusiasts, bar none. Well, it's 2006, and the guys at Mopar are still at it. They have come out with an additional small-block gathering of parts and complete engines to fit anyone's needs and budget. Bare replacement, 340-inch blocks all the way up to a complete, ready-to-run, 440-inch small-block. Yep, Mopar Performance is securing their title as a true "performance supplier." With a 500hp small-block available for your street car, performance is only a phone call away.

Six Pack Attack
410 Magnum Six Pack crate engine
465 hp (est.), 500 lb-ft torque (est.)
Part Number P5153527*
Yes, you read that correctly. Ma Mopar is again selling a small-block, 340-based Six Pack engine over the counter. It's been a long time since the prospect of buying a complete small-block, Six-Pack-equipped engine could be bought by knowing the correct part number to order. Since nothing shrinks time and distance between you and the finish line like cubic inches and a good induction system, Mopar's new 410 Magnum stroker small-block has all the goods for whatever your application. The basic ingredients include a new 340 block featuring four-bolt mains, high-flow Magnum R/T heads, a high-lift hydraulic camshaft, and a 4.00-inch stroker, heavy-duty cast crankshaft. Finishing off the bottom end is none other than an aluminum Six Pack intake manifold with a LA-style bolt placement and five-bolt Mopar cast-aluminum valve covers. the engine will look right at home in your vintage iron, especially without those extra valve cover bolts that scream late-model. The 410 Magnum has the right stuff to impress those on the drag strip and at the local cruise nights.

4.040 inches
4.000 inches
Compression Ratio:
new 340 replacement block with four-bolt mains Cylinder Heads: cast-iron Magnum R/T with big valves (LA intake bolt pattern)
Intake Manifold:
aluminum Six Pack
hydraulic 292/292-degrees duration; .508-inch lift
Oil Pan:
8-quart center sump street/strip