A Solid Foundation
New! 340 Siamese-Bore
Engine Block
Part Number
Say you don't want the simplicity of buying a ready-to-run engine. What if you want to design your own powerplant using quality parts? Well, Mopar can help you out there as well. Since every engine needs a good foundation, Mopar's new Siamese-bore block is also available bare so you can build it your way. Just in time for the hard-core small-block engine builders, their new 340 Siamese cast-iron engine block allows for large bore sizes up to 4.180 inches. The block is made from a high-nickel, cast-iron material and features four-bolt main bearing caps. The deck surface and oil pan rails are thicker than previous 340 blocks, making the 340 Siamese block the perfect choice when building big-cube stroker small-blocks.

The Commandos Have Landed
440 Super Commando Crate Engine
500 hp (est.), 535 lb-ft torque (est.)
Part Number P5153523*
For those of you with a little more passion for power, you can order the Mack Daddy of Mopar street-oriented small-blocks. Keeping with the thought there is no replacement for displacement, the 340-based 440 Super Commando combines big-block power and cubic inches in a small-block package! The foundation is Mopar's replacement 340 Siamese-bore block with four bolt mains and a whopping 4.180-inch cylinder bores. The large-port aluminum Commando heads ensure enough air is moved, and the same hydraulic cam as the 410-inch engine is utilized. This time, however, it's topped with an M1 single-plane intake. Mopar's new 440 Super Commando small-block stroker crate engine gives you a whopping 500 hp on pump gas, while offering you the compact size of a small-block-the perfect powerplant for your a-Body cruiser. Throw a 750-cfm carburetor on it, and you're ready to go.

4.180 inches
Stroke: 4.000 inches
Compression Ratio: 10.2:1
Block: new 340 Siamese block with four-bolt mains
Cylinder Heads: aluminum large-port Commando
Intake Manifold: Mopar M1 single plane
Camshaft: hydraulic 292/292-degrees duration; .508-inch lift
Oil Pan: 8-quart center sump street/strip oil pan