Brodix Cylinder Heads
The Brodix B1 line of cylinder heads has long been known for their ability to produce power and the small-block B1/BA is no exception. In standard form, these heads offer impressive flow numbers, which are even more impressive in ported form. The standard B1/BA head uses factory style provisions for mounting intake and exhaust manifolds, and sports a relocated spark plug for more efficient combustion. These heads will bolt to factory or aftermarket blocks, making them a good choice for any performance build. Realizing the trend toward big cubic inch, stroked small-blocks, Brodix even offers a moved centerline version of this head, which utilizes giant 2.14-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves. Standard BA versions use factory Chrysler style intakes, while the moved centerline version utilizes the W-5 or W-7 style intake. Moved centerline heads can be drilled for either standard or W-2 style exhaust flanges. All of the B1 heads have a thick deck that is well suited to nitrous-oxide applications.

So there you have it, hopefully, we've cleared up any confusion regarding small-block Chrysler cylinder heads. As you can see, there are many choices when it comes to heads for your small-block, so set your performance goals and choose wisely. Whether mild or wild, it's hard to beat the Mopar small-block for economical, efficient power.

Upcoming heavy breathing
We were intrigued with Indy's small-block offerings, so we decided to try them for ourselves. Stay tuned for a 440ci small-block engine build utilizing Indy's heads that will be featured in an upcoming issue!

Brodix Cylinder Heads
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