Mopar Performance
Mopar Performance offers an aftermarket cylinder head for any level of performance you wish to achieve. Magnum castings are available in cast iron, aluminum, and R/T trim, all of which outflow the factory Magnum heads. They even offer a Magnum head that can be used with pre-Magnum intake manifolds. Additionally, the Mopar Performance Commando cylinder heads are bolt-on replacements for early small-block heads. The Commando head uses the pre-Magnum intake manifold and utilizes factory shaft mounted valve gear. The Big-Port Commando offers substantial gains in flow and potential power through relocated intake pushrods but requires W-2 valve gear. The Big-Port Commando is drilled for both factory and W-2 exhaust making it a good replacement for both stock and older W-2 applications. The W series of Mopar Heads are bred for racing and offer much higher flow than factory replacement heads. High compression and aggressive cam profiles are needed to optimize these cylinder heads, but the results can be amazing. We've seen upwards of 800 hp produced by large cubic-inch small-blocks with W-9 heads, so these are definitely a good choice if maximum power is your goal.

Edelbrock's aluminum cylinder heads are a great upgrade for your small-block engine. These heads offer an advanced combustion chamber and increased port volume, allowing them to outperform any factory production cylinder head. Intake valve size is 2.02 inch and the exhaust valve measures 1.60 inch, making these heads a good choice to replace factory units. These heads are available in either pre-1991 or Magnum trim, and are a cost effective way to save weight and increase performance. We've found the Edelbrock heads to be responsive to port and bowl modifications and to be a great all-around performance cylinder head for the street or strip.

Indy Cylinder Head
When it comes to Mopars, Indy Cylinder Head has long been known for making reliable horsepower. Boasting intake flow numbers of well over 300 cfm, their 360-1 and 360-2 cylinder heads are no exception. Utilizing the same long-valve technology that made their big-block heads famous, Indy has combined high-flow numbers with a heart-shaped, quench-style combustion chamber to produce a state-of-the-art small-block cylinder head. Additionally, these heads will bolt to any stock or aftermarket block and are machined for both factory or W-2 exhaust flanges. The 360-1 head utilizes a rectangular port, while the 360-2 utilizes an oval port that is compatible with W-2 intake manifolds. Both heads use large 2.10-inch intake and 1.65-inch exhaust valves, giving them great potential for large cubic inch or high horsepower applications. These heads do use different valvetrain hardware and intake manifolds than factory units, so they require additional parts to make them work. Indy has taken the guesswork out of utilizing these heads by offering them in a kit form, which includes everything from the block to the carburetor. these heads are a little more costly than factory units, but in our experience, you get what you pay for. If you want optimum power from your small-block, we highly recommend Indy's 360-1 or 360-2 cylinder heads.