Brodix Cylinder Heads

The B1 BS head was designed as a direct replacement for the Mopar factory steel head. These heads do require special rocker arms and longer pushrods, but are oiled internally like factory heads. Standard big-block intakes, headers, and valve covers are compatible with these cylinder heads. These heads offer a well designed quench-style combustion chamber and large 2.20-inch intake and 1.81-inch exhaust valves. We utilized a ported set of these heads on a 499ci race wedge and had no trouble getting our '91 Daytona into the 8s.

Original B1
The original B1 cylinder head for the big-block Mopar has earned a reputation for the ability to make high horsepower. Large 2.30-inch intake and 1.78-inch exhaust valves, combined with intake flow in excess of 400 cfm, combine to make these aluminum heads serious performers. however, these units are not intended to simply bolt-on to your big-block and require special pistons and rocker arms, as well as a special intake manifold. These heads have a thick deck making them a good choice for nitrous applications and are also available in a moved centerline version, ideal for large displacement motors.

Mopar Performance

Mopar Performance has long been supplying enthusiasts with parts and accessories to make their cars look and perform better than new. Their cylinder head selection is varied and incorporates everything from stock replacement heads to full blown, CNC ported race units. If you're looking for a factory replacement head or a legal stock class cylinder head, Mopar Performance can supply the part. Most of their cylinder heads require no modifications and utilize stock-style rocker arms and valve gear. Their Stage VI units are available in five states of finish from bare casting to fully CNC machined, and make good power on a street, strip, or full-blown race engine.

PN P4876311
This cylinder head is an aluminum replacement unit for factory big-block heads. It incorporates 2.14-inch intake and 1.81-inch exhaust valves and is a closed chamber design. These heads weigh in at 25 pounds each, which is about half the weight of an iron head, and utilize all stock-style rockers, intakes, and exhaust manifolds or headers. Unlike Stage VI units, these heads do not require the use of intake manifold adapters.

These cast iron heads were designed to be replacements for '62-'64 Max Wedge units. They feature a large port on the intake side for improved flow and an improved short side radius on the exhaust side. The combustion chamber is a closed style, and unlike the early Max Wedge units, these heads utilize six-bolt valve covers. Valve sizes are either 2.08-inch intake and 1.88-exhaust, or the more conventional 2.14-inch intake and 1.81-inch exhaust. These heads are a great choice for a nostalgia racer and are also legal for stock and super stock class racing.