Performer RPM
Edelbrock Corporation has long been known for producing quality, affordable parts, so when they decided to produce their Performer RPM cylinder head for the big-block Chrysler we were certainly excited. These heads in stock form offer flow numbers comparable to ported factory heads, come completely assembled, are ready for cams up to .600-inch lift, and are priced reasonably. These heads come with large 1.81-inch exhaust and 2.14-inch intake valves right out of the box. Additional benefits are hardened valve seats and dry exhaust bolt holes meaning no more coolant leaks or messy sealer around the header bolts. These heads are completely interchangeable with factory units utilizing factory style rocker arms and valve gear that is oiled internally by the factory provision in the block. We saw a gain of more than 30 hp over fully prepped 452 castings by bolting a set of Performer RPMs to our 440 bracket motor, which was dyno tested in a previous issue. Comparing the cost of these heads against fully prepping a set of factory steel units really makes the choice a no-brainer.

Do Edelbrock's Performer RPM heads have you wishing they made a head with a little more potential? Rumor has it that Edelbrock will be releasing a Victor series head for the big-block Mopar that will offer flow and power potential similar to high-end race heads at a conservative cost. Watch for our upcoming engine challenge because at least one competitor has already decided to use the new Edelbrock Victors for his build!

Indy Cylinder Head

Most consider Indy Cylinder Head to be the premier supplier of high-performance, aftermarket Mopar cylinder heads. Their long valve, big port designs have the potential for huge power numbers, and we can attest to the performance and durability of their products. With several big-block heads to choose from, and several levels of porting available for each head design, we're sure Indy has a head that will work with your combination.

Indy's 440-EZ cylinder head is designed to be a direct replacement for a stock head. This head utilizes the long valve, high intake port volume design that made Indy famous, but unlike their 440-SR or 440-1 heads, the exhaust ports remain very close to the stock location. This head is a great choice for an A-body or any application where exhaust clearance is an issue. These heads utilize stock-style valve gear and oil internally like factory units so no external lines are required. The EZ head offers a large 2.19-inch intake and 1.81-inch exhaust valves and is available in either a 75cc closed or 80cc open chamber design. The chambers are heart-shaped and designed for maximum quench, giving this head the potential for 750 hp on a properly prepped engine. Like most Indy heads, the EZ is available as cast or fully CNC ported with Max Wedge size ports.