PN P4529993
This Stage V cast iron cylinder head offers a blend of performance and streetability. It is an open chamber design similar to 906 castings, but outflows the 906 on both the intake and exhaust side. It's 96cc chamber is pump-gas friendly, and the head is available with the same two valve size configurations as the above Max Wedge replacement heads. Standard exhaust and intake patterns are used along with standard valve gear and valve covers. Intake rocker arms with a special offset must be used with these heads.

Stage VI Heads
With no less than seven versions of the Stage VI aluminum head displayed in their catalog, Mopar Performance shows they are dedicated to providing engine builders with a head that will meet their needs. These heads are available in bare form, allowing the engine builder to custom port the heads, or in several states of machining all the way up to fully CNC ported units. Port size as cast is either standard or Max Wedge size. The Stage VI heads will work on a healthy street motor, but really come into their own when utilized on high-compression, large ci race engines. They are a 78cc closed chamber design that incorporates 2.18-inch intake and 1.81-inch exhaust valves. The spark plug location is canted toward the exhaust valve to promote efficient combustion. Using these heads does come at a price, however, as offset rockers must be purchased to make them work. Certain Stage VI heads are designed to use an RB intake on a B block. Using a B intake on a B block or an RB intake on an RB block will require intake manifold spacers.

As you can see, no matter what the application, there is either a factory or aftermarket cylinder head that will meet the needs of your big-block Mopar. We hope our cylinder head guide is useful and directs you to the right choice given your horsepower needs and budget constraints. Now is a great time to be building a Chrysler wedge engine. During the past 20 years, the aftermarket has gone from nonexistent to overflowing with support for the big-block Chrysler.

This year's engine challenge features the RB wedge engine, and we're eager to see what cylinder heads our contestants will use on their entries. Follow along, as we're sure the power numbers will be impressive!