The Test Mule
The big-block that we're using to test this cam and the Ultra HP carbs were constructed for the "Modern Max Wedge" article that ran in our August '07 issue. This is a production 440 block with a 4.250-inch stroke crankshaft, 6.800-inch long rods, and forged Diamond Racing pistons with a healthy 13.5:1 compression ratio. The cylinder heads are Indy EZ units that were ported by Modern Cylinder Head. In the cross-ram dyno tests, this motor made 620 hp with a Mopar Performance cross-ram and 705 hp with the Indy cross-ram, so we know the basic combination is healthy. The only change we made for this test-in addition to the cam and the intake manifold-was installing a Super Stock-style aluminum oil pan. We filled the new pan with 8 quarts of Joe Gibb's break-in oil since the motor is still fairly fresh. we used our typical dyno combination of a remote screen-type oil filter and a Meziere electric water pump.

On The Dyno
It was a cold day when we unloaded the motor at Gray's Automotive in Tigard, Oregon. With the temperature reading in the low 40s, we knew the motor would be making plenty of raw power. Of course, the correction factor on the dyno output calculations take into account the air temperature, but it is always nice to see the bigger uncorrected numbers since that tells you how much power the motor is capable of making at the track.

After a normal warm-up period and a recheck of the valve lash, we started to make some dyno pulls with the 950 Ultra HP carb. The 950 carb calibration was very close right out of the box with the A/F ratio just slightly on the lean side. We only needed to make one jet change from 78 jets to 80 jets to richen the mixture up, and then saw our best power run of 705 hp at 6,000 rpm and 636 lb-ft of torque at 5,600 rpm.

After making enough dyno pulls with the 950 carb to ensure we had the combination tuned correctly, we swapped over to the larger 1050 carb. We could have bolted on a 440-3 intake manifold with a 4500 flange, but we decided to stay with the 440-2 intake manifold by adding a 4150-to-4500 adapter. According to the guys at Indy, the combination of the 440-2 intake with an adapter makes more power than using the 440-3 intake, so we used the adapter.

The big 1050 Dominator carb was very rich right out of the box with an A/F ratio of 10:1, both at idle and during the early portion of the dyno pull. We were able to quickly lean out the idle A/F mixture by reducing the size of the idle feed restrictions in the metering block, but getting the fuel curve to stay at 12.5:1 during the entire dyno pull proved to be a bigger challenge. We eventually needed to reduce the size of the intermediate jets by 10 sizes, and we needed to open up the intermediate air bleeds before we got the A/F curve to flatten out during the dyno pulls. Once we had the A/F curve shaped up, the motor responded with a peak of 738 hp at 6,400 rpm and 641 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm.

Wrap Up
The most obvious result of the carb testing was the 30-plus horsepower gain in switching from the 950 to the larger 1050. A motor like this 505 can really use the extra airflow that the larger 4500-type carb provides, although the 950 carb would still be the better choice for a dual-purpose-type vehicle.

What also impressed us was how easy these Ultra HP carbs were to tune. On a non-Ultra carb we would have had to plug the holes in the metering blocks with epoxy and then drill them back to the correct size in order to correct the A/F curve. Now that we've experienced the Ultra carb, we're tossing our tubes of carb epoxy into the round file!

Finally, we were stunned with how accurate the CamQuest 6 software was in predicting the power output of the two configurations. In both cases, the software was within just a few horsepower of our actual numbers. The torque values predicted by the software proved to be a little optimistic but only by a few percent. We would say this software package is a very good tool to help select cam profiles, as well as giving an engine builder a good idea of just how the motor will perform.

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