Track Thrash
We were curious to see how quick the R/T would quarter-mile with its fresh stroker combo. We mounted the Hoosier 30x9x15-inch slicks and 26-inch front skinnies before pulling up to the line. At this point the 950 HP and the 3.73s were still part of the R/T's equipment. Out of the hole, the slicks spun and we received a 1.60 60-foot time, but we still ran an impressive 10.70 at 126.40. We pulled around again and heated the Hoosiers again. This pass produced a no-spin 60-foot of 1.50, enabling the big B-Body to boogie to a quicker 10.56 at 126.10 mph! We can't tell you how happy we are to have a 10-second, pump gas, real street car.

Roller cams offer better lobe profiles than flat tappet sticks, thus better performance. We honestly can't say which bumpstick won our test. Using a chassis dyno with a loose converter was not conducive testing. We've heard of racers going quicker using a motor that showed less hp on the dyno. It's always in the combination. If it's in your budget, a roller cam matched to your combo is the biggest winner.

Note: Please read the captions to see the trials and tribulations we encountered to perform this cam test. We hope this prevents others from experiencing valvetrain component problems. Pay close attention and don't be afraid to ask questions on the cam tech line about your intended cam and valvetrain parts combo for your engine.

Chassis Dyno Results
Tested at SLP Performance Parts
SuperFlow SF840 Dyno
Ray Barton 493 with .575-Inch Lift Cam
Peak rwhp524 at 5,500 rpm
Peak rwtq512 at 5,300 rpm
Ray Barton 493 with Voodoo .600-Inch Lift Cam
Peak rwhp503 at 5,500 rpm
Peak rwtq494 at 5,300 rpm
R/T Quick Specs
Short-block'70 440, Eagle crank 4340-steel forging 4.15 stroke, JE flat-top pistons, Manley/Barton H-beam rods
CamshaftLunati VooDoo roller, 255/263 duration at .050-inch lift, .600-inch lift
ValvetrainComp roller lifters, Hi-Tech 3/8-inch pushrods, Pro Magnum roller rockers, dual valvesprings, Titanium retainers
HeadsEdelbrock Performer RPM, 2.14/1.81 valves, ported, flow 293/227 cfm at .600-inch lift.
InductionMP M1 single plane, polished plenum, dividers, runners, except floor left as-cast, no gasket matching. Wilson Manifolds 1-inch, 4-hole tapered spacer (PN 004110). Holley 950HP, 78 jets, 40 squirters.
Exhaust2-inch tti headers, 3-inch tti exhaust with DynoMax Ultra Flo mufflers.
DrivetrainPro-Formance-built 727 with rollerized planetary, Hemi governor for auto upshifts at 6,200 rpm, Dynamic 9.5-inch converter. Denny's 4-inch HD aluminum driveshaft. Randy's Ring and Pinion-built 83/4 w/3.73s and Detroit Locker, Yukon axles.
SuspensionFFI and Magnum Force front-end components, Stock leaf springs re-arched with 1 leaf added per side, QA1 shocks, Hoosier 30x9R-15 slicks, 26-inch skinnies, Weld Superlites 15x8 and 15x4.
Test Weight3,850 lbs.
Best 60-Foot1.50
Best ET/MPH10.56 at 126 mph
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