Weather conditions on our test day were definitely not conductive for low e.t.'s. A barometer of 29.41 hg (an approaching storm came later in the day) along with high humidity worked against us on this 75-degree day. We're sure the atmosphere cost us a tenth or two compared to a good-air day. Bone stock 5.7 and 6.1 LX cars will usually run (on the average) 14.4 at 96 and 13.5 at 105 mph respectively. Still, on this bad-air day the Daytona showed us a best of 13.57 at 102.55, while the SRT8 managed an impressive 12.88 at 108.96 mph.

Naturally, we feel that if we'd used sticky meats, low 13's and mid 12's would have been possible for these two SLP-tuned runners. Nonetheless, we received impressive numbers from just a few simple upgrades. By the time you read this, the same goodies (plus a few more) should be available from SLP for the new Challenger.

Strip Test Results
2006 5.7 Hemi Charger
Temp: 86 Degrees; Humidity: 54 Percent; Barometer: 29.97 Hg

Run/TempMods60-FT1/8 MPH1/4 MPH
1/74cold-air, pulley, programmer2.058.75/81.2313.60/102.10
2/74hot lap2.048.71/81.2613.57/102.55
3/751-hr cool-down2.058.75/80.6113.63/102.51
4/75hot lap2.058.74/81.0013.59/102.51
5/753rd hot lap2.058.74/81.0113.59/102.50

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