A lift does make an installation like this more convenient, but there's no reason you can't install a system like this with your car on jackstands in your shop or driveway. Following the included instructions, we started in the rear installing the rear hangers and tailpipes first. Like all tti kits, the exhaust uses factory provisions to mount the hangers when possible, keeping you from drilling holes in your car's floor or framerails. Since our main concern with this application was clearance around the rear sway bar, we were very happy to see the exhaust had plenty of room in this area, even in three inch diameter tubing. The remainder of the exhaust, as well as the included Dynomax mufflers, slipped right into place, held together with the provided clamps and hardware. There was no welding required, and the only fabrication needed was to trim the pipes that connect the mufflers to the system using a Sawz-All.

All told, our installation took about half a day using the lift, and the car looks and sounds great with the new exhaust. The fit of the tti exhaust is awesome, likely better than factory exhaust, and the free-flowing three inch pipes and mufflers should affect the performance of our big-displacement engine only minimally while giving the car a nice rumble. There may be less expensive exhaust systems on the market, but in terms of quality and ease of installation for the cost, tti impresses us each time we use their products. The best part of this installation, however, is being able to drive our highly modified Road Runner on the streets without fearing a ticket from the police for noise pollution, right Randy?

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