The oil system is also a very important part of an engine's performance and durability, especially in a racing application. This engine was already equipped with a single-line Milodon external oil system and fabricated aluminum oil pan, but we decided to upgrade to a dual-line system. The Mopar Performance block has the provision for an external oil pickup line already in the block, so combined with a Milodon dual-line oil pickup and new Melling oil pump, this oil system will be capable of supplying adequate oil upwards of 7,500 rpm.

No matter how good the quality of the parts are, the engine won't perform properly or last very long unless the machining processes are performed accurately. Auto Performance Engines (APE) performed the necessary machine work to the block, including boring and honing with torque plates, checking bore alignment of the main journals, and decking the block to achieve the target compression ratio.

Even with new parts like our Scat crank and rods, bearing clearances need to be rechecked during the assembly phase of an engine build. The owner opted to re-use his Crane solid roller camshaft, and APE installed the cam six degrees retarded to ensure peak power will be attained at a reasonable 7,000 rpm. This is a big camshaft, with more than 280 degrees duration at .050-inch lift and .750-inch or so valve lift with the 1.6 ratio rockers. While this cam is designed to make peak power at 8,000 or more rpm, advancing the cam timing will move the peak power rpm lower.

Be sure to stay tuned, because we'll show you the top end of this engine in a future issue. Of course, we'll dyno the 535-cubic-inch big-block as well and give you all the results of our testing. To see videos of this engine running and being tested on APE's dyno, don't forget to visit

Price tag

Mopar Siamese bore block$2,935
Scat forged crankshaft kit Kit includes: rods, pistons, bearings, rings, Scat H-beam connecting rods, and Mahle forged flat-top pistons$2,300
Professional Products Balancer$220

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