Starting with the single four-barrel, we fired the engine up on the dyno to begin our testing. This is a throaty small-block, and with 408 inches of displacement and sounds more like a big-block when it's running. Indy offers a version of this same engine with the MA-X (Magnum style) cylinder head and a slightly milder camshaft and slightly smaller valves rated at 450 horsepower with one four-barrel, so we were eager to see what this little powerhouse could produce. On the first dyno pull, it was evident that this small-block ran well, as peak torque was 481.8 lb-ft and peak horsepower was 495.9 horsepower at 5,900 rpm. A big part of this story, however, is the Mod Man intake this small-block is equipped with.

Thanks to Indy's Mod Man, we could quickly make dyno pulls, then change the top plate of the intake in about 20-30 minutes and be ready to dyno the engine again. We accomplished multiple pulls on this engine with three different induction setups, and easily accomplished all of our work in a day on the dyno. Even more impressive is the power this engine made. Check out the dyno results below and we're sure you'll agree that this 408 shows its potential both normally aspirated and with the blower. Also be sure to check out for a video of this powerful small-block making pulls on Indy's dyno.

Price Tag

450hp 408 small-block complete$6,479 (single four-barrel)
520hp 415 small-block complete$7,595 (single four-barrel)
Indy Mod Man intake$499
Mod Man top plates$135 each
The power and torque of a supercharged small-blockpriceless

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