Like we said, unless you want to continuously see your buddies' taillights, you really need to check into getting some of these street performance parts that we have listed. We took a poll on our Facebook page, asking what people felt were the top street-oriented performance parts that every Mopar should have. If you didn’t notice the post, apparently your buddy did, because he knows.

We tried to keep it somewhat general, and didn’t really know what to expect, but we were really happy about what we heard. Sure, we had a few answers that got a little off track, but that’s bound to happen when you ask a question on the Internet.

Anyway, if you’re looking to improve the performance of your street car, check out these reader-suggested must-have parts—in no particular order.

Light Weight, Large Flow

One of the biggest items to get nominated were aluminum heads. Now, we could have limited our response and simply showed you one set of heads and said “there you go.” But we didn’t think that was kosher—after all, what benefit is that to you. So depending on your combination expectations, here are your choices.

If your combination is a little on the “mild side,” you do have a couple of choices.

Edelbrock Performer RPM

Edelbrock’s Performer heads are 50-state emissions legal and are designed to fit emissions-related engines. These heads are perfect for street performance muscle cars where seat-of-the-pants performance is needed. These heads give great torque and horsepower up to 6,500 rpm. These are available for both big- and small-block engines.

Approximate cost
small-block: $1,500 pr/big-block the same

Indy Cylinder Head

If your big-block is looking to breathe a little better than it does with a stock cast-iron heads, the Indy 440-H1SRK kit might be what you need. You get everything you need to bolt them on and go. And let’s face it, the right head makes power.

If you have a small-block that needs a great set of aluminum heads, the Indy 360-H1-1AS will transform your small-block into a serious street machine and/or a very reliable, very powerful bracket engine. Since 400-inch small-blocks are becoming common, their 360-1 rectangular port head was created to fill the bill perfectly.

Approximate cost
Small-block: $2,095
Big-block: $2,384 (but you also get pushrods, and oiling kit, head bolts, and the required valley plate).


If you want your big-block aluminum heads to resemble stock (that way you can paint them so no one knows), then the 440Source Stealth aluminum cylinder head is for you. These heads are capable of an easy 550 horsepower out of the box (when used with their 500-plus-inch stroker kits) and the guys at 440Source tell us that they have the potential to make 650-700-plus horsepower with some port work.

Approximate cost
Only big-block available: $1,000 pr.


Indy Cylinder Head


Get It Handled

It takes more than just horsepower to make a street performer; you need the right suspension parts. It’s been proven that tubular upper control arms can aid handling by giving you more caster/camber adjustment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can also do a complete rebuild or upgrade, and you have a couple of options here: You can rebuild what you have, or you can upgrade to a completely modern suspension. You’re limited by only your want.

Reilly Motorsports

If you want the latest in a completely redesigned suspension (front or rear), the Reilly Motorsports Alterktion (front), and Street Lynx (rear) suspension kits are for you. The front suspension comes as a street/strip unit, or a street/handling kit. The Alterktion system bolts to factory framerails. The system comes complete from connection to your steering column down to the spindles, and includes a complete 11⁄16-inch sway bar package, custom-valved power steering rack, and hoses that will connect to your factory power steering pump.

By adding the Street-Lynx triangulated four-bar system to the rear, it’s possible to drastically improve geometry, traction, and handling, while using a much lighter spring and shock to provide excellent ride quality and wheel control. Their system requires no cutting to weld in a single crossbar between the factory framerails. Coil-overs mounted ahead of the axle eliminate wheelhop normally associated with four-bar systems, and allow stock gas tanks to fit. The lower links bolt into stock leaf spring locations with the included adjustable front mounts, or links can be used in conjunction with standard inboard relocation kits and mounted under the framerails for increased tire clearance.

Approximate Cost
Alterktion: $3,940 - $4,240
Street Lynx: $1,995


If you want to keep you stock-style suspension, but make it perform better than stock, the Hotchkis TVS system might be for you. The Total Vehicle System is the easiest and most effective way to give your Mopar sports car handling. It’s engineered as a tuned performance system, and will reduce body roll, dramatically improve handling, and create incredible driver control for a more enjoyable driving experience. Balanced handling is achieved using geometry corrected upper control arms, adjustable strut rods, adjustable steering rods, front and rear sport sway bars, geometry corrected rear leaf springs, and subframe connectors. The Hotchkis TVS works with your stock K-member, preserving the soul of your Mopar.

Approximate cost
$2,592 - $3,336