Those of you who followed last year's engine challenge are aware that the 500-inch Hemis made some serious power on Competition Cam's Superflow engine dyno. Seven of the best engine builders from around the country showed off their skills and provided us with some very potent street Hemis. We saw a wide variety of building techniques, and parts from virtually every aftermarket manufacturer were utilized in the engines. With peak torque topping out at more than 600 lb-ft and horsepower numbers well into the 700 range, last year's builders definitely demonstrated the potency of the Chrysler Hemi.

We promise this year's engine challenge will be equally exciting and will feature the RB wedge engine. We want to demonstrate the power that can be made within a reasonable budget and on fuel available at the pump, so this year's rules will be similar to last year's with a couple of minor changes. Displacement will again be limited to a maximum of 500 ci, and rpm for the dyno pulls will again be limited to 7,000, but there will be no restriction on the use of roller camshafts this year. Again, the cost of the parts used to build the engine will be factored into the combined horsepower and torque the engines make for a composite score, so the builders need to watch their budget. There is no limit on compression ratio, but all the competitors must use the same Rockett Brand 93-octane unleaded fuel, which will limit the squeeze they build into their wedge motors.

we'll introduce this year's engine builders, and follow their motors from theory, through the build, to the Mopar Nationals where the engines will be on display for all to see. We'll then take all the motors to Comp Cams where they will be dyno'd and inspected for rule compliance.

We encourage all our readers to call the engine shop nearest you to discuss your upcoming engine build. These guys are all professional and speak Mopar fluently so don't hesitate to use them as a source for your next project. Also be sure to check out for regular engine challenge updates.

Best Machine Racing Engines, Chuck Millen
Located in Warren, Michigan, Best Machine Racing Engines has a reputation for building high-quality performance engines utilizing the best parts available. Chuck Millen of Best Machine states there is only one way to build an engine-the right way using quality parts. Whether a mild street engine or a full bore race unit, the guys at Best Machine treat each engine equally, performing all the necessary steps to ensure great power and a long service life. Their shop is state-of-the-art and has the equipment to perform each operation in-house where quality can be monitored. Best Machine prides themselves on providing not only proven combinations, but also utilizing the latest, innovative technology to meet their customers needs. As proof of their dedication, you can find Chuck Millen, Pete Costa, and much of the crew at the race track each weekend testing new ideas and supporting their customers race cars.

At this time, Chuck and his crew haven't formulated a concrete plan for their entry into this year's challenge, but assured us that quality machine work matched with the best parts and assembly techniques will give them an edge in this year's competition.