All the engines in this year's engine challenge impressed us with stout power numbers, with most easily breaking 700 hp. Placing third and fourth, respectively, in the contest were Ramsey, Minnesota's HiTech Motorsport, and Warren, Michigan's Best Machine. These engine builders impressed us not only with the horsepower and torque their engines made, but also with the reliability of their motors. Both of these entries fired up and performed strongly right out of the box, and both builders handled the conditions in Comp's Memphis, Tennessee, dyno cell well, tuning their engines to more power with each pull. We'd be happy to have either of these engines in any of our cars and congratulate both HiTech Motorsport and Best Machine on their impressive showings.

What does it take to make nearly 750 hp from a 500ci engine running on pump gas? You can bet it involves both quality parts and professional machining techniques. Follow along as we go inside the engines from HiTech Motorsport and Best Machine to see what combination of parts these shops used to place so well in our challenge.