R.M. Competition
Roseville, Michigan

R.M. Competition has been in business since 1998, but engine builder Randy Malik has more than thirty years experience building high-performance engines at other shops. R.M. Competition specializes in anything high-performance, building engines for drag racing, road racing, and even boats. Randy believes that preparation and tuning are more important than the actual parts chosen for a build, but using the right parts is certainly a step in the right direction to achieve good results. Since parts selection and tuning are major factors in our competition, we feel Randy has a good chance to place well.

Randy used a production 360 Chrysler as the foundation for this build and stuffed it with a Scat crankshaft, Keith Black pistons, and factory Chrysler connecting rods. A Lunati cam will actuate the valves and a Melling oil pump combined with a factory oil pan will handle lubrication duties. The engine will be topped with Engine Quest cylinder heads, a Weiand intake manifold, and an Edelbrock carburetor. Obviously built to make good power at a low cost, this engine should be very competitive.

Schurbon Engine And Machine
Maquoketa, Iowa

Engine builder Scott Schurbon of Schurbon Engine and Machine is a self-proclaimed Mopar fanatic. Having raced some of everything, Scott claims you can't beat a Mopar engine when it comes to bang for the buck. He remembers the days when you couldn't find aftermarket parts for a Mopar and still made enough power to keep up with the brand-X guys, so we're eager to see what he can do with the great aftermarket parts available in today's market.

Like the other competitors in this year's Engine Challenge, Scott decided to use a production 360 block for this build. Stuffed inside will be an Eagle four-inch stroke crankshaft, RPM billet I-beam connecting rods, and Probe dish pistons. Magnum heads will be utilized as they are hard to beat for the money. A Comp Cams flat-tappet camshaft will actuate the valves through Pro Comp aluminum roller rocker arms. For induction, Scott chose to use a Mopar Performance single-plane aluminum intake.

West Covina, California

Californians will tell you that the hot-rod craze began in their state, and Speed-O-Motive has served performance enthusiasts both in California and around the country since 1946. Though they'll build anything, the guys at Speed-O-Motive love building Mopar engines because they make so much power. We've been impressed with the Speed-O-Motive entries in our last two challenges and look forward to seeing what they'll bring to the table this year.

Speed-O-Motive will be using a factory Chrysler 360 block for their entry in this year's contest, but will boost displacement to 408 ci with a Scat 4-inch stroke crankshaft. Scat 6.123-inch I-beam connecting rods will also be utilized along with CP forged pistons. A flat-tappet, solid lifter cam will see duty in this engine that will be topped with Brodix B1 AMC cylinder heads. For induction, an M-1 intake manifold will be matched to a Holley carburetor, likely a 750-cfm unit. We can't wait to see what this combination does on Comp's dyno in September.

Diamondback Engines
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Muscle Motors
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Indy Cylinder Head
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R.M. Competition
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Mid America Racing Engines
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Schurbon Engine and Machine
203 S. Clark St.
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MRL Performance
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West Covina
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