Diamondback Engines
Richmond, Texas

Engine builder Damon Kuhn started with a factory 360 block as the foundation for his challenge engine. Inside, he utilized an Eagle crank and rods with SRP forged pistons to achieve 408 ci of displacement. Brodix B1BA cylinder heads top this small-block, which is fed by an Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold and a 950-cfm Diamondback-prepped Holley carburetor. This combination should be powerful and durable, but it isn't the least expensive in our challenge.

Using a stock block, Diamondback Engines built a Brodix-headed, 408ci small-block for our engine challenge.

Indy Cylinder Head
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ken Lazerri of Indy Cylinder head is no stranger to big horsepower. His engines power some of the quickest and fastest Mopar race and street cars in existence. But when we saw the Indy entry in our contest, we were a little surprised. Instead of big Indy heads, their engine sports Magnum-style steel cylinder heads. Ken stated that while he would have loved to build an all-out powerhouse for our contest, the rules simply favored a budget small-block. Inside his factory block, an Eagle crank and rods were utilized with Wiseco pistons for a displacement of 408 ci. An Indy intake and Demon carburetor will feed this powerplant, which should be powerful and economical.

Though well-known for making big power, the guys at Indy will attempt to win this year's challenge by entering a budget-minded 408ci small-block.

Mid America Racing Engines
Washington, Iowa

Engine builder David Bruns had the right combination of power and economics to win last year's engine challenge. This year, he'll be using a factory 360 block with an Eagle crank, Scat rods, and Probe pistons to achieve a displacement of 410 ci. Indy cylinder heads will be utilized with a Cam Motion camshaft and Indy rocker arms. An Indy single-plane intake manifold and single Holley four-barrel carburetor will mix the air and fuel, and an MSD distributor will light the fires. David's win in last year's contest has us eager to see if his small-block offers a similar performance.

As last year's champion, Mid America Racing Engines will try to back up their win with this 410ci small-block.

MRL Performance
Jackson, Michigan

Mike Liston of MRL Performance took a slightly different approach than most of this year's builders. Instead of using the 360 as the foundation of his build, he decided to base his engine on the most widely produced Chrysler small-block-the 318. Inside his factory '66 block, Mike used a stock crankshaft with Scat connecting rods and Keith Black pistons. Magnum cylinder heads were used for their great power potential and inexpensive cost, and a Mopar Performance single-plane intake manifold and Holley four-barrel carburetor will handle the induction duties.

Wanting to show the potential of the most widely produced Mopar small-block, MRL Performance built a 318 for our contest.