Muscle Motors
Lansing, Michigan

Mike Ware of Muscle Motors has a wealth of experience building both race and street motors. For this year's challenge, he started with a factory 360 block, stuffing it with a Callies 3.70-inch stroke crankshaft, aftermarket connecting rods, and Ross pistons to achieve a displacement of 400 ci. The engine is topped with Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads, and solid roller camshaft actuates the valves. Instead of the traditional four-barrel, Mike used a Six-Pack intake manifold with a trio of Demon carburetors to feed this engine.

Utilizing Six-Pack induction, the Muscle Motors entry is one of only two engines in our contest not using a single four-barrel.

R.M. Competition
Roseville, Michigan

Engine builder Randy Malik of R.M. Competition has been building high-performance engines for some 38 years. During that time he's gained valuable experience machining, building, and tuning powerful street and race engines. For his challenge motor, Randy started out like most competitors with a factory 360 block. Inside his block, a Scat crankshaft was matched with stock 360 connecting rods and Keith Black pistons for 406 ci of displacement. Engine Quest CH318B Cylinder heads were chosen, and a Lunati cam opens the valves through Harland Sharp roller rocker arms. For induction, Randy chose a Weiand tunnel-ram intake manifold and dual Edelbrock carburetors. We're eager to see if this engine runs as impressively as it looks.

The dual-quads and tunnel ram certainly look impressive atop the R.M. Competition entry. We'll see if impressive looks equate to impressive performance when we dyno these engines at Comp in September.

Schurbon Engine And Machine
Maquoketa, Iowa

Scott Schurbon of Schurbon Engine and Machine loves building Chrysler small-blocks, stating the Mopar engine is easy to make powerful and is more durable than brand-X motors. For his engine challenge engine, he started with a production 360 block, then filled it with an Eagle crank, R.P.M. connecting rods, and Probe pistons to achieve a displacement of 410 ci. A Comp cam and lifters will open the valves. Factory Magnum cylinder heads sit atop this plant, and a Mopar Performance M-1 intake manifold and Holley 1,000-cfm carburetor feeds the engine with plenty of air and fuel.

If there were an award for artistic flair, Schurbon Engine and Machine would certainly win it with their plum-crazy small-block. We'll see if this engine runs as good as it looks when we put it on the dyno.

West Covina, California

Speed-O-Motive has long been known for building powerful, durable engines for both race and street cars. They have placed well in our past engine challenges, and they hope the small-block they're entering this year has the right combination to land them a win. Starting with a factory 360 block, the guys at Speed-O-Motive used a Scat 4-inch stroke crankshaft, Scat I-beam rods, and CP pistons to net 408 ci of displacement. Brodix B1B/AMC cylinder heads sit atop the plant, which is fed by a Mopar M1 intake and Holley 750HP carburetor.

Speed-O-Motive has participated in our past two engine challenges, placing well in both. This year we'll see if their potent small-block has the power to win.