To top off his 318 short-block, Mike used Mopar Magnum cylinder heads. While these heads do require the use of tappets that oil through the pushrods and pedestal-mounted rocker arms, they likely have the best power potential of any factory cylinder head. To keep the valvetrain light, Mike used Comp "beehive" style valvesprings and retainers, and Summit roller rocker arms. While the heads weren't extensively ported, he did clean up the ports and bowls in-house. A Holley vacuum secondary four-barrel and Mopar Performance M-1 single-plane intake topped this 318. a factory style electronic distributor handled the ignition.

Rather than taking the conventional approach to our engine challenge, the crew from Diamondback Engines decided our contest would be a great opportunity to try some new tricks. We love seeing engine shops try new ways to make power, and we appreciate the effort it takes to create new technology that will lead to more powerful engines for our cars. Unfortunately, while the Diamondback Engines entry showed the potential for big power during the first qualifying pull, an issue with rocker arm oiling damaged several rocker arms and kept Diamondback from making the qualifying pulls required by the contest rules. While the problem kept Diamondback from qualifying for the judged pulls of our engine challenge, we certainly appreciate their efforts, and we'll outline the combination they used to finish eighth in this year's challenge.

Like most competitors this year, engine builder Damon Kuhn of Diamondback engines started with a factory 360 block. Inside the Chrysler block, an Eagle forged crank and Eagle H-beam connecting rods were used in conjunction with SRP forged pistons. A Bullet solid roller camshaft was used with Lunati lifters, and oiling was handled by a Milodon pan and windage tray, and Melling oil pump.

To top their short-block, Diamondback chose Brodix B1-BA aluminum cylinder heads. With large valves, huge ports, and a well-designed combustion chamber, these heads have the potential to make power. Atop their engine, an Edelbrock Super Victor single-plane intake was matched with a Diamondback-built four-barrel carburetor.

Though the rocker arm issues kept them from qualifying this year, the crew from Diamondback promised to redeem themselves in a future engine challenge. From the limited data we got during this engine's aborted pull, we know these guys can make power. We look forward to seeing what they can do if they decide to enter a future Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge.