Our eight competitors for the '08 Engine Challenge have been chosen, and if you attend the Mopar Nationals this year, you'll be able to see their engines on display and speak with the builders during the event. Those of you who have followed our contests will notice some returning engine builders, as well as some new faces in this year's challenge. Two of our previous winners will be attending, as will the engine builders who made the most power in the Hemi and small-block challenges, so this year's competition should be a good one.

Be sure to stay tuned to future articles as we'll detail the results of our dyno challenge and go inside each engine for an in-depth look.

While the displacement and basic parts of our "spec" engine are already determined, the other specifications of the engine are up to the individual builder. We're allowing both roller and flat-tappet cams this year, and carburetion will be limited to 1,350 cfm. Exotic parts, such as ceramic lifters and aluminum connecting rods, will not be allowed, and all engines will again be required to run on Rockett Brand 93 octane pump fuel while on the dyno.

To check out the complete rules for the '08 Mopar Muscle/Amsoil Engine Challenge, be sure to visit moparmusclemagazine.com.