Chenoweth Speed And Machine
Third place in this year's Amsoil/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge went to the father and son team of Chenoweth Speed and Machine. Known for their precision machine work and solid mechanical skills, engine builders Dale and Mike Chenoweth brought a durable, powerful 440 to this year's Challenge. Peaking precisely at the contest limit of 7,000 rpm, the Chenoweth 440 made 695.8 hp and 567.3 lb/ft of torque for a combined score of 1263.1. During their dyno session, they tuned their 440 to additional power with each pull by tightening valve lash, utilizing different carb spacers, and changing from a 1050 to an 1150 carburetor. At nearly 700 hp, this is a stout 440 that would be a wicked street motor or feel right at home in a bracket car. Our congratulations to Chenoweth Speed and Machine for an impressive third place finish.

Cederstrand Racing Engines
Although his shop is new to our Challenge, you might recognize our forth place finisher as he formerly represented Speed-O-Motive in previous Engine Challenges. Since last year's Challenge, engine builder August Cederstrand is on his own and is now designing and building high-performance engines at his new shop, Cederstrand Racing Engines. Known for putting together durable combinations, and for not cutting corners, August brought a strong, tunnel-ram equipped 440 to this year's contest. Having been previously dyno tuned, this engine performed well at Comp's facility, needing only minor valve lash and ignition timing changes to optimize power output. For an added edge, August added velocity stacks on his dual carbs, and cooled the intake with electronics cleaner prior to his final pull. When his session was over, August's best pull netted 670.9 hp and 573.1 lb/ft of torque for a combined score of 1244.0. We congratulate Cederstrand Racing Engines on their fourth place performance and wish August luck with his new business.

JMS Racing Engines
Another newcomer to our 2008 Engine Challenge was JMS Racing Engines. JMS Racing Engines is a full-service engine shop with a complete machine shop, flow bench, and dyno cell, and had already spent a considerable amount of time tuning their combination at their shop. Stating that his engine was ready to run, engine builder Mike Johnson chose to make his qualifying dyno pulls back to back with no tuning changes whatsoever. After a cool down period between the qualifying and judged pulls, Mike again confidently chose to simply make his three required pulls, again with no tuning changes. Once those pulls were complete, Mike changed his jetting and added two degrees of ignition timing, making three more judged pulls in the allotted time. On its best pull, the JMS 440 made 678.1 hp and 563.5 lb/ft of torque for a combined score of 1241.6. We thank Mike Johnson and the crew from JMS for participating in the 2008 Engine Challenge and congratulate JMS Racing Engines on their fifth place finish.