The only way to know if motor oil is really doing its job is to tear the engine down and inspect the parts after running the engine. This really isn't feasible for most of us, since an engine rebuild is maybe a once in a lifetime event, and removing the engine to inspect bearings and other internal parts isn't something we want to do every weekend. Luckily, during our engine challenge, we run different Mopar V-8 engines through their extremes on the dyno, then tear each one down for a close inspection of the parts. This has given us the opportunity to really test AMSOIL's products, and so far we've been very impressed.

Though there have been a couple of parts failures in the many years of our contest, there has never been an oil related failure since the inception of the engine challenge. These builders have tested the limits, using reasonably priced and even inexpensive used parts in some of the engines to keep costs down, and pushing the limits of compression and rpm as well. One engine builder even detonated his big-block badly enough to blow both head gaskets, without damaging any of the connecting rod bearings. As we look forward to this year's contest, follow along and we'll show you why the proper engine oil really does make a difference.


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