Fourth Place

MRL Performance
Jackson, Michigan

MRL Performance made a good showing this year, as their RHS-headed small-block turned in impressive numbers with unported heads, moderate compression, and a flat-tappet camshaft. Stating that the head flow of these heads out of the box was nicely matched to his Lunati Voodoo camshaft, engine builder Mike Liston proved it by making 1.372 horsepower per cubic inch from his over-bored 340 small-block.

On the dyno the MRL Performance entry started easily and ran well, making well over 450 horsepower on its qualifying pulls. For the judged portion of the contest, Mike changed his spark plugs to E-3 plugs, but otherwise left his tuning alone. By adding a little ignition timing and removing the air cleaner during the judged pulls, Mike achieved a best scored pull of 472.9 horsepower.

Fifth Place

B&G Speed and Machine
Bargersville, Indiana

B&G Speed and Machine built a solid 360 cubic inch Mopar small-block for our 2010 dyno contest, running their engine on the last day of the Engine Challenge. Though a couple of minor issues may have kept us from seeing the real potential of this engine, the team from B&G were professional and efficient, tuning their relatively mild 360 to well over 400 horsepower. These guys definitely made a good showing in our 2010 contest, and we look forward to seeing them in future Engine Challenges.

Sixth Place

Chenoweth Speed and Machine
Morton, Illinois

Chenoweth Speed and Machine built the smallest engine for this year's contest, over-boring a 273 Chrysler for a total displacement of 279 cubic inches. Noting that last year the LaRoys made an impressive 1.6 horsepower per cubic inch, Chenoweth teamed up with LaRoy Engines for the 2010 contest, hoping to gain an advantage. Everyone was eager to see what kind of numbers this little powerhouse would make, but unfortunately the number seven cylinder was filling with coolant during warm-up on the dyno and the engine had to be shut down. As of this writing, we aren't sure what happened, but we'll update you when we go inside these small-blocks in future issues.

Do you have what it takes to compete in the AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge? Remember, we accept applications from shops large and small, and even from guys building engines in their garages, so don't hesitate to apply. Everybody is a winner in our contest, and getting your company's name in front of our readers can certainly get your phones ringing. We'll announce the rules for the 2011 contest at the PRI show in Orlando, Florida, or a copy of the rules and application can be downloaded from

2010 Participants

Schurbon Engine and Machine
Scott Schurbon
203 South Clark St. • Maquoketa, IA 52060

Mid America Racing Engines
David Bruns
1945 W 18th Street • Washington, IA 52353

Team Of:
Chenoweth Speed and Machine
Mike Chenoweth
368 Erie Ave • Morton, IL 61550
LaRoy Engines
Jim LaRoy
P.O. Box 969 • Challis, ID 83226
208/ 879-2969

Promax Performance
Ben Gorman
30 Gasoline Alley Suite A • Indianapolis, IN

MRL Performance
Mike Liston
4651 Culley Lane • Jackson, MI 49201

B&G Speed and Machine
Bill Hess
140 East Old Plank • Bargersville, IN 46106