Technology has come a long way in the thirty or so years since the muscle car era, and modern cars now have very dense insulation throughout to reduce the noise, heat, and vibrations caused by the car's running gear, the road, and the wind. Luckily, companies like Hushmat sell this same OEM approved material in sheets and in kits for older cars, giving us the opportunity to make our old cars ride more like new ones, at least in terms of heat and noise. The Hushmat material is specifically designed to dampen vibrations, reduce noise, and act as a thermal barrier, and is self adhesive requiring very little prep to install. Although the material is dense, and heavy, it can be very effective even when used sparingly so it won't necessarily add a bunch of weight to your car. Since we were assembling our '67 Barracuda after paint, and since this car will be a regularly driven street car, we decided to try and make it as quiet as possible. Being a convertible, and prone to wind and road noise anyway, we figured this would be a good test of both the original replacement materials from YearOne, and the modern Hushmat dampening material.

Once we completed the job and got the car on the road, we can honestly say the results were nothing less than amazing. While we can't say our '67 Barracuda convertible rides as quietly as a modern luxury vehicle, we can say that it's the quietest riding A-body convertible we've been in, and we'd venture to guess that it's as quiet as far more modern cars like the Chrysler Sebring convertible. The best part is that now we have one less excuse not to enjoy driving our Mopars on a regular basis.

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