Since the Grant steering wheel utilizes the controls from the factory steering wheel, they must be removed and installed onto the Grant wheel. Making this process easier is the fact that the new wheel already has the provisions for these controls, making the swap simple and fairly self-explanatory. Once swapped, the new wheel is installed in the reverse order, and the electrical components are reconnected before reinstalling the factory airbag. All told we spent a couple of hours changing our steering wheel, including the half hour we waited after disconnecting the battery. Aside from a breaker bar and 10mm Allen-socket to break the retaining bolt loose and torque wrench to tighten it, you just need basic hand tools to accomplish the swap.

Driving our Challenger with the Grant Revolution steering wheel, we noticed the padded leather grips immediately. Not quite at "ten and two" like your driver's education instructor would have liked, these pads are more at 9:30 and 2:30, which we actually prefer. The new steering wheel is comfortable in all driving phases, and though dimensional differences from the stock wheel are subtle, the overall feel of the steering wheel is noticeably improved. Our radio, cruise, and other steering controls are all easy to operate, and the padded area at the wheel's six-o'clock location is a nice alternative when relaxing on the highway.

The steering wheel is aesthetically appealing as well, especially with colors available to match most interior combinations. The gray leather inserts in our steering wheel are a dead-on match to the gray leather inserts in our car's stock seats, resulting in a custom but factory appearing installation. Best of all, this is an improvement any Charger, Challenger, Magnum, or 300 owner can perform in their own driveway in an hour or so, with the nearly immediate gratification of being able to see and feel the improvement in your vehicle.

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