Shake It Up!
There's nothing like seeing a Shaker snorkel rattling from underneath a hood on a '70 to '74 'Cuda and Challenger. With Harms Automotive's new Shaker Hood conversion kits, you can convert your stock hood into one of the most desired options of the early '70s. With super accurate reproductions that incorporate all OEM details from the originals, they make for a near identical match. correct fixtures and drain holes, perfectly matched flange corners, and even the trim rings are cast in zinc just like originals and fit all aftermarket OEM hoods. The stamped, flanged sheetmetal ring allows a conversion to be done with no welding and no flange crimping at all. Included in your purchase, Harms Automotive will throw in an instructional video on how to properly install your new kit to your OEM hood at no extra charge.

Harms Automotive
(509) 922-9115

Bolted Down
ARP is synonymous with quality-grade bolts and fasteners for engines at any range of performance. ARP recently added over a dozen new head studs to its lineup. These quality studs are made of premium-grade chrome-moly steel and rated at 200,000-psi tensile strength. They are "centerless ground" to guarantee complete concentricity, and hex-broached, which reduces the time required for installation and removal with an Allen wrench. All of ARP's fasteners are manufactured entirely in-house at their facility in Santa Paula, California, from the initial forging through the heat-treating process to machining and final finishing. Using professional-grade materials and finishing processes, ARP boasts "better than aircraft-grade" quality parts for your engine.

(800) 826-3045

Got Ya Covered
Aftermarket torque converters are plagued with clearance issues as many converters' bolts hit the stock factory dust cover. Magnum HP has come up with a gorgeous solution with their one-piece, CNC-machined, billet aluminum dust cover. Along with the dust cover are four stainless-steel, button-head Allen screws for easy installation. Intended for big-block and Hemi 727 TorqueFlite transmission applications, this cover's finish is "as machined," allowing you to finish the cover as you like, either with paint, polish, or powder coating. Magnum HP guarantees the raw machined surface cleans up to a semi-polished finish in just a few minutes with any quality aluminum polish.

Magnum HP
(239) 513-0750

Pump You Up
Barry Grant Fuel Systems recently introduced the Mighty Enduro, a continuous-duty fuel pump for carbureted engines with power outputs of up to 750 hp. This gerotor-style pump (PN 170043) also is applicable for supercharged and turbocharged engines with boost requirements of up to 10 pounds. The Enduro can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically, and features a quiet, fuel-cooled motor that produces 20 psi. it is totally rebuildable and features a built-in cleanable/pleated stainless-steel fuel filter with a unique dry-break arrangement that prevents fuel from leaking during inspection or service. The Mighty Enduro is totally leak-free and is constructed from billet aluminum with anodized coatings applied to wear surfaces.

Barry Grant
(706) 864-8544

Dead In Your Tracks
Master Power Brakes is quickly becoming the first name in modern brake system upgrades for classic Mopars. Their latest kit is especially for A-body Dodge and Plymouth cars from 1960-1976. These kits include a power booster, master cylinder, prop valve kit, spindles, and all the other necessary disc brake components. In addition, the A-body kits come with new upper ball joints, control arm bushings, control arms, and steering arms with lower ball joints. upgraded cross-drilled and slotted rotors are also available.

Master Power Brakes
(888) 251-2353

Tow In Record Time
Diesel technology seems to be growing just as fast as the Hemi aftermarket. With all the advances in diesel tech trying to eke out more lb-ft of torque out of your Cummins, Comp Cams' nitrous division, ZEX, has just introduced a complete diesel nitrous system. The ZEX diesel nitrous system provides 35 to 200hp potential, reduced turbo lag, reduces exhaust gas temperatures, gets rid of excessive exhaust smoke, and improved throttle response with cooler exhaust temperatures. For diesel engines, the installation of a ZEX system adds gobs of power with no additional tuning, offering huge power gains when used in conjunction with aftermarket programmers that add additional fuel. The complete kit includes everything necessary for installation: a 10-pound nitrous bottle, brackets, electronic throttle activation switch, as well as all the plumbing and electrical connectors.


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