It's Gripping
B&M has been a staple in the racing aftermarket for years, providing some of the best parts in transmissions, torque converters, shift kits, and shifters. Their quality is without question, and their latest product--the carbon-fiber Magnum Grip Pro Stick--is amazing. The Pro-Stick has been one of the most popular drag-race shifters in recent history. Now available with a carbon-fiber cover and side plates, the shifter gets a 21st century makeover as more and more owners are integrating the lightweight material into their race cars. The Magnum shifter is compatible with or without air, electric solenoids, or CO2 shifting setups due to the gate-style mechanism. In addition, for those who already own B&M Pro-Stick shifters, the carbon-fiber plates are available separately for purchase.

B&M Racing & Performance
(818) 882-6422

Changing The Hobby
Listen, we'd all love to own a 426 Hemi. Sure, there are some of those guys who are like, "I'll never get rid of my 360!" But if Hemis were readily available and parts were cheap, we guarantee that we'd all get one. Well, out of the blue, HiTech Products has introduced a gorgeous 426 Hemi rocker stand set. Located in Canoga Park, California, HiTech's Hemi billet rocker stands are precision machined from 60-61-billet aluminum. The rocker stands are anodized and come complete with four oilier, four non-oilier, two end pieces, 16 shaft springs, 20-grade eight shaft-mounting bolts, and all the washers and arm shims necessary. The rocker stands were designed for .875-inch stock size shafts, 7/16-inch stock size, 1/4-inch stock size dowel pins. They will fit all MP and original 426 Hemis, along with certain aftermarket heads. The set is cheaper than some of the used sets you find on ebay, and are brand-spankin'-new. HiTech guarantees your satisfaction with these gorgeous pieces.

(818) 887-0136

Not For Open-Header Cars
Custom Autosound's new Secretaudio SS AM/FM/CD radio unit is a hide-away system that can tuck cleanly under the seat or up high under the dash. The tuner/amplifier unit is controlled via a wireless remote, which works with a LCD display sensor that can be mounted nearly anywhere. The remote has full control of the radio stations, volume, speaker equalizer, or CD tracks.

Custom Autosound
(800) 888-8637

Get Pumped
Holley has some of the best fuel pumps in the industry. By modernizing their standard pump, their two new pumps--the HP125 and HP150 billet electric fuel pumps--are nearly noiseless, totally reliable, and able to cater to the fuel consumption needs of a 900-plus-horsepower powerplant. The Holley HP series pumps use a billet base finished in a black nickel Teflon coating with a gerotor gearset, which delivers a smooth, dependable fuel feed. The HP125 is rated up to 750 horses with 7 psi of internal pressure, while the HP150 caters to the high-end machines reaching up to 900 ponies, making up to 16 psi of internal pressure. Each pump is laser engraved with the Holley logo and part number, along with engraved inlet and outlet locations to eliminate any and all plumbing mix-ups.

(800) HOLLEY-1

Sealed Without The Mess
Hughes Engines has finally come up with a solution to all the hassle and mess of different one-piece, bathtub-style intake and gaskets. Their new Big Block Mopar intake sealing kit is totally comprehensive with a single one-piece RB plate for single-plane intakes, a two-piece valley cover for either RB or LB blocks that can be removed with the heads still in place, or a one-piece cover for dual-plane intakes. The covers feature a separate reusable valley cover and individual composition intake-to-head gaskets with silicone O-rings. The kits work with either 440 or Max Wedge ports, be it OEM iron or aftermarket aluminum heads.

Hughes Engines
(309) 745-9558

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