Diesel Power, Your Way
TS Performance has made a name for itself with innovative breakthroughs in electronic engine control for diesel-burning powerplants. They are now introducing their new MP-8 performance programmer unit--an all-in-one module that offers up to sixteen different programs to tailor-fit your intended Cummins diesel application. The electronic controller helps to deliver improved horsepower, gains in torque, and superior gas mileage with just a simple installation. Operating in conjunction with your vehicle's ECM, the MP-8 communicates what alterations need to be made to the factory diagnostic control module to offer improved towing capacity and performance. TS Performance claims gains up to 100 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque with the simple twist of the in-dash knob. the MP-8 will never go out of date, as upgrades will be made available online.
TS Performance
(270) 746-9999

New Fuel Injection, Same Great Taste
Everybody loves the look of a chrome air cleaner resting on top of a big carburetor. Popping the hood, as impressive as it is, on a fuel-injected engine just doesn't have the same appeal. Holley's known this for years, and is introducing their new Commander 950 throttle body injection system. The Commander system is quick, easy to install, and cost effective. Designed with the standard square-flanged four-barrel carburetor in mind, the throttle body is a direct bolt-on. the Commander is available in four different versions: 650, 700, and two 900-cfm units. The Commander's electronics are easily programmable with Windows-based software. The Commander kit comes complete with a throttle body, map sensor, temp sensor, oxygen sensor, wiring harness, injector harness, tuning software, start-up fuel maps, small installation parts, and Holley's tuning manual.
(270) 781-9741, (800) HOLLEY-1 (nearest dealer)

A Fountain of Youth for Plastics
Face it, no matter the circumstances, beating time is a fruitless fight. Especially when it comes to preserving that aged, '60s-era plastic. technology has advanced the longevity of plastics and rubber, but in the heyday of the musclecar era, plastics were cheap, brittle, and subject to weather, sunlight, and temperature damage. Full Circle Restoration has found a way to preserve those old fan shrouds, heater boxes, and Air Grabber lids. Their patented step-by-step coating kit helps to restore, renew, and resurrect damaged and aged plastic. The kit is comprehensive, with everything necessary for you to repair aged plastics in your own garage or shop.
Full Circle Restoration
(313) 920-2145

Face Forward
With the aftermarket able to supply near-perfect factory replacements for stock gauges, Whitegauges.net in Salt Lake City, Utah, has decided to provide something a little unique. With a wide array of stock, factory applications, Whitegauges.net is offering standard gauges in all white face. An inexpensive package and easy to install, the white gauge faces are guaranteed for life. The kits are interchangeable with the stock pieces, so if you ever decide to convert your Mopar back to the original black faces, it's just as simple as the initial installation. Whitegauges.net also sells a great resurfacing kit for your original dash bezel.
(866) 935-6200

...And Carry a Big Stick
Elgin Industries has always prided itself on their quality ground camshafts for many different cars, trucks, and other vehicles. now Elgin is offering OE grinds for original musclecar applications. Offering premium materials with superior engineered designs, Elgin Industries is providing the aftermarket classic power and performance numbers identical to the original factory grinds. Elgin made their mark with the Bow Tie group, but realizing the legendary power of the Mopar label, aimed their sights at us. Mopars offer more than simply resale value; the original cars boasted some of the highest performance numbers from the showroom floor, making a stock grind almost more than some enthusiasts care to handle on the street.
Elgin Industries
(800) 323-6764

Tailored Fit
With the boast in enthusiast interest in restomodifications, many are choosing to plug aftermarket, late-model air-conditioning systems into their classic musclecars. Classic Auto Air is proud to introduce their new "Perfect Fit" series of air-conditioning condensers. the new Classic Auto Air kit is made to look identical to the original unit that the factory offered. Classic Auto Air also adheres to changes in model year and engine applications. The kits come with preformed aluminum tubes, which exit the radiator support to give improved usage of space, while also giving a customized look.
Classic Auto Air
(813) 251-2356

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Send a hi-res digital or color print of your part to:
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