There's a well-known affliction that all gearheads suffer from, and scientists have finally started to study. it's called monofoottofloorpressuruos (Mono-foot-to-floor-pressurous). It's an ailment that affects the mind, forcing the afflicted to push their foot against the throttle pedal and into the carpeting of any vehicle they are driving in hopes of gaining more speed. It's a contagious ailment, especially when two or more people are involved while driving their cars on the same stretch of pavement at the same time.

Sometimes, however, the ailment is met with disappointment when there is no response from mashing said pedal to the floor. Such was the case with our Dart Sport we introduced in a previous issue. The woefully underpowered Slant Six was able to move the car, which made it a driver, but if you planned on any spirited driving, that thought was quickly erased from your mind when the light turned green, and you had to slowly ease the clutch out to get moving-a sad state of affairs for the Dart.

But fear not, this problem can be remedied with some elbow grease, and a shopping list of parts that can be had with simple phone calls. There's no big secret about what it takes to swap a V-8 in place where a six-cylinder used to reside. You can either shop the swap meets, find the required parts in your buddy's shed, or you can make a few phone calls to the manufacturer that have the parts you need.

But how hard is the swap? Well, it depends on how nice you want the finished job to look. If you never plan to open the hood at a cruise night, you won't clean or paint anything, then work-time will be short. But who doesn't want to show off their engine at a race or cruise night? So we decided to take the plunge and make the underhood of the Sport look better than the outside of the car-for now.

Follow along, and we'll show you what it took to make a terribly underpowered car finally get out of its own way.