The great thing that the Retrotek kit has over other aftermarket EFI kits is its ability to "learn" the engine it's mounted on. The "Smart Tune" technology will learn the engine's needs within a couple of days driving, and it's also completely tunable if you're one of those guys that can't keep your hands off things.

The system as installed on our 360-powered Dart Sport was a bit on the rich side. The unit seemed to work ok, but you could tell that the setting was rich. the guys at Retrotek Speed designed the initial program to run a little fat because it saves people from ruining a perfectly good engine by running it overly lean. Once we got a few small details worked out, it was fine.

The small details were in no way a reflection on the Retrotek kit. In fact, the guys at Retrotek were more than helpful over the phone when we had problems. So, if you want EFI for your Mopar, and you want it to resemble a stock carbureted system, look no further than Retrotek Speed for what you need.