Finishing off the major-parts list is the rebuild kit. As we said previously, the cylinders and pistons were all in really good shape, so we were able to save money on the rebuild kit by simply buying a basic rebuild kit that did not come with new pistons. When we ordered our kit from Summit Racing (PN FEM-205717M-000), we also ordered the Mahle/Clevite bearings, a Melling oil pump, and frost plugs. The total cost of the kit, bearings, oil pump, and frost plugs was $292. If you do need pistons, a kit with basic cast pistons will run you $360, and a kit with forged pistons will run you $607.

So there you have it, the basic cost of the parts required for this build came in at $1,577. You might be able to do it for less, or it might even cost you more. Remember, all prices are quoted from as correct at time of writing.

Parts List
Head Work$400
Intake Valves$ 5 x 8-valves
Exhaust Valves$ 4.95 x 8-valves
Cam, Lifters, springs$385
(Comp Cams PN K20-223-3) 
Rebuild Kit$185
(Summit PN FEM-205717M-000 w/o pistons) 
Cam Bearings$30
(Summit PN CLE-SH875S) 
Oil Pump$54
(Summit PN MEL-M72HV) 
Frost Plugs$23
(Summit PN SLP-381-8010) 
(Speed Demon PN 1282010) 
(Professional Products PN 80012) 
(Professional Products PN 55026)