Adding electronic fuel injection to a classic Mopar is not a walk in the park, but it's also not as difficult as you may think. Since fuel-injection systems need much higher fuel pressure than carburetors to function properly, the car's fuel system must be upgraded. Also, a computer must be installed in the car to control the fuel-injection system, and that computer requires information from a variety of additional sensors that must be installed as well. While this may seem too complex for the average enthusiast, it's really not. F&B has made the task far easier by designing a well thought-out fuel-injection system that includes everything necessary to install a Six-Pack EFI system on your car. Their kits offer quality components and don't require too many modifications to work properly on your older Mopar. Since gas is more than four bucks a gallon at the time of this writing and not expected to get any cheaper, we think adding EFI to our older cars is a great way to boost economy, while not sacrificing performance.

Combining the reliability of fuel injection with the look and performance of a Six-Pack just makes sense. We decided to follow along as F&B installed their prototype Six-Pack EFI kit on their latest project: a '72 Plymouth Barracuda. This Barracuda has been in Bruce's family since his grandmother bought it new and has clocked some 324,000 miles over the years. The engine is a 318 that was rebuilt several years ago with an overbore, new 9:1 hypereutectic pistons, a mild cam, and a little head work.

Seeing how easy it is to install the Six-Pack EFI system certainly convinced us of the viability of this package. With kits soon to be available for the B, RB, LA, and Magnum engines, we wouldn't be surprised to see more cars at the cruises, shows, and races we attend sporting a Six-Pack of EFI.