Ronnie Sox and the Sox and Martin Racing team epitomized the professionalism, dedication, and sometimes sacrifice that it takes to dominate a professional sport. As a team, the Sox and Martin list of wins and championships in multiple racing classes could easily fill this magazine article. As a drag racer, Ronnie Sox was possibly the best true driver to ever stage a race car. His starting line performance and his ability to row the gears of a four-speed were unrivaled in the sport.

If we could ask Ronnie what made the Sox and Martin team perform so well, he'd likely give credit to many, like partner Buddy Martin, mechanics Jake King and Dave Christie, as well as his teammates, sponsors, and many fans, before taking any credit for his own role. But that's just how he was. Ronnie was humble and giving, and those qualities are sometimes hard to find in someone with so much skill and ability. Don't just take this author's word for it; ask anyone.

So when Ronnie passed away in 2006 at the early age of 67 from prostate cancer, many of us lost a role model and a hero, though Ronnie never thought of himself as such. Ronnie Sox and the Sox and Martin team were an inspiration to many who raced with or against them, and the Sox and Martin team's red, white, and blue Plymouths serve as a visual reminder of how a professional image combined with the willingness to work hard, adapt, and learn, can lead to success.

Building a raffle engine for this charitable cause really brought out the best in the people we work with. Comp Cams, Holley, Eagle, Diamond and A&A Transmissions eagerly donated their products to the project, and Indy Cylinder Head stepped up to the plate, offering not only their parts, but their time and expertise to build and dyno this Hemi. Though the Hemi had to be race inspired as a tribute to Ronnie, we also knew that a streetable engine would appeal to a wider range of enthusiasts, so we decided to build the best of both worlds. With the plan and parts in place, Russ Flagle and Ken Lazzeri of Indy Cylinder Head got to work doing what they do best, building a tough, powerful, and reliable Hemi. Follow along and we'll show you what went into this worthy project, and be sure to visit or stop and see the engine at one of this year's upcoming events leading up to the 2009 Mopar Nationals to purchase your raffle ticket. Not only will the money go to a worthy cause, but you might just win this powerful Hemi as a bonus!