Between the big-flowing heads is an Indy 9.25-inch-tall aluminum intake and an AED-built 1050 Dominator carb. It's a pretty simple combination that relies on the engine's large displacement and a generation's worth of airflow research to make big power. On World Products' engine dyno, our project engine put up some very impressive numbers, with the best being 776.8 horsepower at 7,100 rpm and 641.7 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,800 rpm.

Designed for the high-rpm power needs of the drag strip, our aluminum Hemi project engine crossed the 500-horsepower mark soon after 4,000 rpm, hitting the 600-horse level by 5,100 rpm, and the 700-horsepower threshold by 5,800 rpm. In fact, the horsepower climbed steeply to its 776.8 peak and was still making 771 horses at the test's 7,300-rpm limit.

That's a great power curve and a stellar rev range for a 572-inch Hemi and its mechanically mild valvetrain. And considering it weighs less than 600 pounds in its dyno trim, it's a lightweight powerhouse, too. Even better, it's got a street-able 9.5:1 compression ratio.

World Products' aluminum Hemi definitely has the juice to yank the front tires and pull your Mopar down the 1,320 with the ferocity reminiscent of the good-old days-and with its good idle quality and pump-gas compression ratio, you could drive that track star to and from the strip.

The good-old days were never this good.

At A Glance
Cylinder blockWorld Products aluminum Hemi
Bore4.500 in.
Stroke4.500 in.
Compression ratio9.5:1 (approx.)
Rotating assemblyForged crankshaft, rods, and pistons
Camshaft typeHydraulic roller
Camshaft lift.381-in. intake; .381-in. exhaust
Cylinder headsIndy 426-1RA
Cylinder head airflow510 cfm (intake) at 28 inches of water
Valves2.400-in. intake; 1.940-in. exhaust
InductionSingle-plane manifold w/1050 Dominator
Peak horsepower776.8 at 7,100 rpm
Peak torque (lb.-ft.)641.7 at 5,800 rpm
Test weight527 lbs.