We felt that the AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Numbers Don't Lie Showdown would be a great way to interact with our readers. We really enjoyed the great turnout for the inaugural contest, and had a fantastic time talking with the spectators, sponsors, and participants in the contest. If you were at the Nationals this year, we'd love to hear your thoughts about the dyno showdown so we can make the event even more spectacular next year. And don't forget, entry in the AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Numbers Don't Lie Dyno Showdown is free for Nats participants, and if you're chosen, you get a great package of goodies and the chance to see your Mopar in the pages of Mopar Muscle magazine. So send us an email or letter to tell us what you think of our contest, and be sure to send your application in for next year's contest. We're already considering additional classes including an Open Outlaw class and diesel powered class, so we can feature a wider variety of Mopars in next year's competition. And remember, even if you don't enter the competition you can still find out what kind of power your vehicle makes to the wheels by paying the dyno operator to test your car. Thanks for the great turnout this year and we look forward to seeing you next year.

here at Mopar Muscle magazine we love almost everything relatedto cars, but we especially enjoy seeing Mopars that can back up their owner's power claims on the track or dyno. And while we've had a good time testing the talents of Mopar engine builders over the past years in our AMSOIL/Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge, we decided this year to change it up a bit and test the claims of actual Mopar owners at the biggest eventfor Mopar enthusiasts, the Mopar Nationals. This year we invited 20 of our readers to bring their Mopars to the Nats, for a chassis dyno showdown to see who could make the most power at the rear wheels.

We had classes for both normally aspirated cars as well as for those with poweradders such as nitrous-oxide, turbochargers, or superchargers. This month we'll highlight just some of the action that took place during the inaugural showdown by highlighting several of the competitors and their Mopars. And be sure to follow future issues of Mopar Muscle to check out the rest of the competition and results. As the title sponsor of our contest, AMSOIL provided products to our contestants as well as a $100 or $250 bonus for the winner of each class if the car sported an AMSOIL decal during its dyno pulls. Additionally, each contestant gets an exclusive contest t-shirt, Mopar Muscle decals, and license plate.

The winner of each class received a trophy and contest jacket. When putting the rules together for our first annual shootout, we decided that the contest should be open not just to professional engine builders or racers, but to the average readers of Mopar Muscle. We accepted applications from our website, our facebook page, and the magazine, and were pleased at the number and diversity of the applicants we had to choose from. At the Mopar Nationals, each participant got to make two pulls on the Dyno Tune USA chassis dyno.

We kept track of the results right on site so everyone at the show could see the numbers each vehicle posted. By now you've probably seen the videos, photos, and results from our contest on our moparmusclemagazine.com, Facebook, or YouTube, but what you haven't seen is what combination of parts each of these Mopars used to make their power. In this issue we'll give you the specs on six of the contest vehicles, in random order, and tell you how much power each of these contestants made. You might be surprised to find how close one of these combinations comes to the Mopar you have in your garage or driveway. As for the winners? They'll each get their own feature in upcoming issues of Mopar Muscle.

Bryan Miller

'66 Plymouth Belvedere I

Bringing an old-school powerhouse to our contest, Bryan Miller of Union, Kentucky, spun the dyno rollers with his Polar White Hemi-powered '66 Belvedere. This Plymouth not only had the look of a Super Stocker from the past, it sounded mean as well. And while this Plymouth has the appearance of a factory vehicle, it's powered by a Muscle Motors prepped 477-inch, 13.5:1 compression, stroker Hemi with a Crane solid-lifter camshaft. The 833 four-speed transmission was built by Passon Performance and the power is transferred through a 3.55 geared differential with Strange axles. Running in our non-power adder class during Friday's dyno session, Bryan's Hemi powered Belvedere made a best pull of 415 horsepower to the rear wheels.