Get a Grip . . . a Magnum Grip, That Is
From B&M Racing and Performance Products, the people who invented the modern ratchet shifter, comes the new B&M Composite X Pro Ratchet. Based on the Pro Ratchet, the new Composite X sports a carbon fiber cover, a CNC billet aluminum black anodized stick, Magnum Grip handle, and carbon-fiber side grips. This race-inspired shifter will fit most any three- or four-speed automatic or Powerglide. The X uses full-ratchet mechanics, making every shift positive and lightning-quick. The X is tailored for drag racing, circle track racing, off-road use, marine, performance street use, street rod, or almost any other application that demands a ratcheting action mechanism. The X can be used with manual valvebodies, either normal or reverse shift patterns, and has B&M's signature reverse lockout.

B&M Racing and Performance Products
(818) 882-6422

Tangled Up in Blue
Many consider the Charger to be one of the reigning members of the "Scat Pack," sporting R/T emblems and bumblebee stripes, the Charger was unmistakable. Unlike the A-Code Super Bees and Road Runners, the Charger was available in a wide variety of performance and cosmetic packages. interior restorations of these cars is a specialty of Just Dashes. New for this year are their bright blue door and sail panels, featuring the correct Coachman grain vinyl, ready for installation. Just Dashes replaces the vinyl skin and creates new backing boards when required. They polish and replace your metal trim and can supply plastic chrome plating if requested upon order. Just Dashes produces only concours-quality restorations for your Charger (and all your Mopars, for that matter).

Just Dashes
(800) 247-3274

Directly Connected
US Car Tool has just released a new set of laser-cut framerail connectors for all you Mopar enthusiasts. The subframe connectors follow the exact floorpan of B-, E-, and A-Body Mopars. These connectors are superior in strength, and look like they were factory fabricated. Laser cut from 11-gauge steel and CNC bent to form a three-sided box. When installed to the stock floorpan and welded, the framerail connector forms a boxed-in framemember that is stronger than the factory framerails (which are constructed from thinner 14-gauge material). The benefits of adding a framerail connector to the Unit body-designed Mopar are increased stiffness, higher roll resistance, with less chance of bending and buckling.

US Car Tool
(919) 855-8200

Ain't It a Beauty?
Billet used to be a pretty exclusive thing, reserved for space technologies and satellites. Now, it seems it's everywhere. Even the smallest of automotive parts are now being made out of the best billet aluminum. Samson's, a growing name in the market, offers a bevy of parts for your Mopar. With their custom billet aluminum distributor hold-downs, they can enhance the looks of your Hemi or RB big-block. Available in a textured or engraved center, these polished hold-downs are great for your daily driver, weekend project, or show car.

AllStar MuscleCar Parts
(727) 343-5303

In Case Your Engine Isn't Too Loud
These speakers are a direct replacement for your aged dash speakers. The stock dimensions are 4x10 inches and include a dust cover eliminating pesky rattling from debris falling onto the speaker cone. These speakers can handle up to 30 watts and impedance can be used with either 4- or 8-ohm systems. These in-dash speakers are available for all A-, B-, and C-Body Mopars. If you don't see your car on their listing, contact Gruber and chances are they have a compatible unit; simply have your original speakers' measurements handy.

Gruber Industries
(800) 658-5883

Tune Out
Thermo-Tec produces some of the best in acoustical control products. Designed to reduce noise, vibration rattles, and provide a quality sound environment, these high-quality mats offer superior sound dampening, while also reducing heat. The Super Sonic mat provides sound control with a high-density polyethylene surface for long lasting durability. The Suppressor is great for radiant heat control, in addition to outside noise reduction. Both products are 70 mil in thickness, contain a high-temperature adhesive backing, and are ideal for use on floorboards, firewalls, trunks, doors, and roofs. Available in three sizes, and easy to trim and fit.

(800) 274-8437

Keep 'Em Separated
The Comp Cams Vibration Absorber Carburetor Spacer prevents both high-rpm lean out and irregular fuel atomization, while insulating against power-robbing engine heat transfer. In extensive dyno testing, the 1-inch-tall billet aluminum spacer has been proven to eliminate harmful harmonics and vibration that can cause fuel dropout, resulting in increased horsepower and improved drivability. Built for use with nearly all four-barrel carburetors, Comp offers both gasoline and alcohol applications. It features a shock-resistant composite construction, making it compatible with all types of racing applications.

Comp Cams
(800) 999-0853

Ditch Those Manifolds
JBA Headers has just announced the release of new smog-legal Cat4ward headers for all '05 and '06 Dodge Magnum and Charger R/Ts with the 5.7L Hemi. These new performance headers are tuned to drastically increase horsepower and torque. The Cat4ward Headers feature huge 1.75-inch 409 stainless-steel primary tubes, a thick 3/8-inch CNC'd laser-cut flange, and a large 3-inch collector. They are also available with high-temp silver or titanium finish ceramic coating for the right aesthetics. These headers are 100-percent, 50-state smog legal, and come complete with all the hardware necessary for a quick and easy installation.

JBA Headers
(800) 830-3377

Transitional Transmission
Based on SMR Transmission's Competition Eliminator reverse manual valvebody, this new SMR valvebody incorporates SMR's exclusive laser-cut stainless-steel separator plate to prevent warpage and crossflows that can lead to bind-up and, ultimately, transmission failure. Antidrain back valving prevents fluid aeration and clutch slippage on startup. This new valvebody allows the driver full control of shift points to take full advantage of the powerband of their specific engine. This valvebody requires no kick-down cable and is ideally suited to Air Shifter application for competition use.

SMR Transmissions
(905) 775-3801

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