Another interesting trend you'll find in the charts is caster change throughout travel. Negative caster is typically unstable and should be avoided if possible. Notice that both systems go into negative caster just slightly higher than ride height. You should try for as much static positive caster as possible to stay in positive caster through more wheel travel. It's worth the effort to correct these little problems for a more enjoyable ride.

The only word of warning we could come up with concerning this swap would be initial alignment. After installation, it's necessary to rotate the eccentric bolts a little further back to re-align it, and if your car is already at the inside edge of the adjustment range, you may have to use offset control arm bushings to increase the range. After 30 years of flexing, many of these cars are hard-pressed to achieve proper alignment specs with the original parts, so switching to these spindles may only make an existing alignment problem worse. The offset bushings (called Problem Solvers, Moog PN K7103) can be ordered through most local parts stores cheap, but few clerks know about them, so you have to specifically ask. The K7103 fits all A- and E-Bodies, and all B-Bodies from '62-'72. As with the balljoints, this number typically has to be crossed over to a different brand, depending on the store's supplier.

So now you have the facts, proceed to the nearest junkyard and get your disc brakes.

Chassis Identification Chart
A'60-'62 Valiant/Lancer, '64-'66(early)/'67-'72/'73-'76(late) Valiant, '64-'66(early)/'67-'69 Barracuda, '64-'66(early)/'67-'72/'73-'76(late), Dart, Duster, Demon, Scamp, Sport, Swinger
B'62-'64 Savoy, '62-'64 Fury, '63-'64 330 and 440, '62-'64 Polara, '65-'76 Coronet, '65-'74 Satellite, '68-'75 Road Runner, '66-'78 Charger, '67-'74 GTX, '62-'70 Belvedere, '69-'71 Super Bee, Cordoba to '79 '75-'78 Fury, '77-'78 Monaco, '78-'79 Magnum, '75-'79 Cordoba, '79 300
C'65 Dodge 880, '65-'73 Polara, '65-'74 Fury I,II,III, '65-'76 Monaco, '75-'77 Gran Fury, Newport, '65-'78 New Yorker, '65-'78 Newport, '65-'71 300, '74-'75 Imperial, '66-'69 VIP
D'57-'73 Imperial
E'70-'74 Barracuda/Challenger
F'76-'80 Aspen, Volare, Road Runner, RT
J'80-'83 Cordoba/Mirada, '81-'83 Imperial
M '77-'89 Diplomat, Caravelle, '77-'81 LeBaron, '82-'89 Gran Fury, '82-'87 New Yorker 5th Avenue, '88-'89 5th Avenue, '82 New Yorker
R '79-'81 New Yorker, St. Regis, Newport, New Yorker 5th Ave., '80-'81 Gran Fury
Reilly Motorsports
White Haven