This is where we ran into our second problem. Our 14-inch Magnum 500 wheels wouldn't fit over the front brakes. Actually, if we would have thoroughly read the instructions or the web site description when we ordered the brakes or were first installing them, we would have found that we'd need either 15-inch or larger wheels or 14-inch wheels designed for disc brakes. No big deal, we wanted to upgrade our wheels anyway, and now we had an excuse. Luckily, we landed a sweet deal on a set of Weld Drag Lite's at the Mopar Southern Nationals swap meet, so we threw them on and went out to test our new brakes.

Before we get a bunch of letters crying foul, we'll tell you we already know our test results will be slightly skewed for a couple of reasons. First, we couldn't use the same tires for the disc brake test because the wheels wouldn't fit. This, of course, lead to a wheel change that had us installing lighter, aluminum wheels with much larger rear tires and skinnies up front. the larger rear tires will help shorten our braking distance, but the small front tires will really limit the stopping power of our front brakes. Even so, we were happy to see braking distances were greatly reduced after performing the disc conversion. With some real front tires, our brakes should perform even better and make this car a pleasure to drive and a dream to stop. With the new brakes, our best stopping distance from 60 mph was 122 feet-an improvement of 26 feet or about twice the length of the Lexus that just slammed on the brakes in front of you. Better yet, we made about a dozen repeated stops with the new disc brakes with consistent results. The brake fade of the drum brakes had all but disappeared now that we had four-wheel disc units. No doubt our drilled and slotted rotors were greatly helping dissipate the brake heat, making our new system much safer and more efficient than the factory drums.

This is a great upgrade that can be performed in a weekend and will make driving your old car much less worrisome. The cost? Call Master Power for a quote, but we will tell you the total cost was much less than replacing the front clip of our car and paying higher insurance rates due to an accident. Money well spent in our book!