When we ordered our kit, the folks at Just Suspension asked specific questions about our car and its intended use, then offered options when it came to springs and torsion bars to best suit our vehicle. Additionally, we upgraded our suspension kit with the optional Wilwood four-wheel disc-brake kit, complete with new hard and soft brake lines, brake booster and master cylinder, tubular upper-control arms, aluminum strut-rods, and front and rear sway bars for improved handling. We also had them throw in their handy tool kit that contains all the specialty tools needed to change suspension components yourself. If you're thinking this kit is all-inclusive, you're right. We've been building cars for many years, but we're not sure we'd have thought of all the parts Just Suspension includes in The Works kit. And if you're worrying about cost, Just Suspension has done all they can to alleviate your concerns by supplying quality parts at a competitive price. Also, knowing that the cost of a complete suspension kit can be hard on your bank account if you have to purchase it in one lump sum, Just Suspension offers interest-free financing for twelve months. As working stiffs with families to feed, we appreciated the option of spreading the cost of our suspension out over a year.

As we've experienced before when dealing with Just Suspension, they had everything for our project in stock, so we received our parts quickly and were able to get to work. All the parts were high quality and were exactly as-ordered, giving us peace of mind that we wouldn't be making any unexpected trips to the parts store during the installation. The tool kit offered by Just Suspension was especially handy, giving us the convenience of a torsion bar installer/remover, and offering options other than an expensive shop press to install and remove bushings.

All told, we found The Works by Just Suspension to be one of the most comprehensive kits on the market today, and we'll feel comfortable driving our car knowing the suspension and brakes have been rebuilt and upgraded for better performance than these cars had when new.