Designing the structure this way also allows us to use the rear crossmember to mount the rear coilovers to the chassis. This is a very strong point for the weight of the car to be supported. We now have a one-piece weld-in structure that the suspension mounts to. The beauty of this system is there is minimal altering to the car. The factory sheetmetal crossmember needs to be cut out, a little paint needs to be ground off for welding, and the four mounting points need to be welded on the inside of the framerails-that is the extent of the alterations to the car.

We wanted the car to work well on the dragstrip and have great road manners, and it does. The car seems to be smooth under launching and acceleration. There is no snap or wind up of the suspension during launch. It has a firm positive feel on the road. In addition to the many benefits this system has over the stock leaf-spring suspension, the entire system is also 50 pounds lighter than the stock-style suspension using super-stock leaf springs.

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