After lowering the car from the lift, we immediately liked the stance of the car and the way the tires filled the wheel openings in the fenders. Unfortunately, Florida rain showers kept us from performing before and after skid-pad testing, but we have driven the car both normally and aggressively since installing our Eibach Performance Suspension System, and so far we're thoroughly impressed. The car looks much better and is regularly complimented thanks to the approximate 1 1/2-inch lower stance. Additionally, we've noticed that the car handles amazingly as we take the corners on roads we normally drive. There is really no hint of under or over steer, and the car is well-balanced, staying flat with all four tires planted when cornering at speeds high enough to get our adrenalin pumping.

As well as the new Challenger is engineered, the aftermarket seems to keep manufacturing parts that just make it better. We must admit that it's a blast to modify our modern Mopar for improved performance and handling, and appreciate Chrysler for finally building a V-8, rear wheel drive, two-door coupe for us to enjoy. We also appreciate manufacturers like Eibach and Summit Racing for engineering and providing components to help us enjoy our Challenger even more.

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